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    oh, the other stuff, well, fishing, shooting, reading, writing, good movies and good coffee. Guinness, when I can get it.
  1. I used that method about a zillion times (seemed like it,anyway) on my FE.2b build. Worked well sometimes, and others the CA made the end of the EZ Line curl.... I think, for me, EZ Line is very good for some applications, but overall I am returning to mono and "turnbuckles". Maybe someday I will get proficient at rigging. That is a good reason to build even more models!
  2. Thanks for your comment on the aileron rigging line. I've been pondering which to use on my D.VII - EZ Line or mono. I also think EZ line, and similar products, perform like a wet noodle, and mine sometimes picks up a static charge and flees my tweezer points. It's like chasing a compass needle around...
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