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  1. I guess a #80 leaves plenty of meat. Just looks intimidating. Thanks. Kurt
  2. What is the best way to approach to rigging the cross bracing wires in WNW cockpit frames? Looking at the very delicate frame work it seems like drilling holes for attaching the wires has the potential of completely destroying the frame. Also do most people rig the frames before or after painting the frames? I have fine wire and monofilament, which would probably give the “safest” result? Thanks. Kurt
  3. Thanks for the info. The Deighton book is just a read to get in the mood. I also picked up Derek Robinson's Piece of Cake (I know it's preBOB, and more Hurricanes than Spits, but who cares. I was lucky enough to get a perfect copy of Aero Detail 8, Spitfire Mk 1-5, that's fairly accurate isn't it? I read through most of the posts on Spits here, and Britmodeller and at the Spitfire site. Any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. This is going to be a slow build. Thanks in advance. Kurt
  4. Hi, I have decided to get back into modeling by picking up a Revell Germany Spitfire Mk 1, also picked up a copy of Len Deighton's Fighter, which I had read back in the seventies. I want to do a BOB Spit (very original I know, but that's how it is.) Are there any other decals available that would be appropriate for this subject or can some be cobbled up from other Mks? Oh, I also ordered the MDC Spitfire set. Thanks. Kurt
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