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  1. Hi All, I'm currently trying to build Tamiya Corsair as Kenneth Walsh F4U-1 (the first one below): http://www.ultracast.ca/products/Eagle%20Parts/Decals/48%20Scale/EC48-150/EagleCals_EC48-150_Product.jpg Does anyone know if I should use parts b-1 and b-4 for the bulletproof plate? And should part L23 and L22 be painted? Thanks for your help Fred
  2. I'm just back from holidays. Thanks to all. A Tamiya spray can, lookslike aluminium to me NG means Neutral Grey I only use oil paints from Senellier and Windsor & Newton. Usually Oil black, burnt sierra and some warm and cold grey. Diluted with Essence F (don't know how to translate this in english)
  3. Wellll, thanks to all. But there's no real weathering technique. First AS-12. Then Zinchromate yellow. Then Gunze OD. Then I add yellow, blue, brown, beige,... to my OD and I just airbrush it on various panels. After that, a very thin and very diluted coat of OD. Then I use some Smoke and at the end a little bit of Tamiya weathering sets. There's no real recipe. It's just a matetr of feeling. And add to that that I'm a coulour-blind person, it's very funny....Thanks god my GF is here to help me chosing the paints sometimes! For the NG, same story. I used a Tamiya NG (darker than the Gunze one). Then some "plotches" of pale grey and a thin coat of Gunze NG...it made the deal! Of course, at then end, a greasy oil wash was applicated. Sorry I can't really explain it.
  4. Thanks to all. Hi Chris, Following one of my friend's advice (Fancherelo to name him!), I always glue the upper part of the wings to the fuselage and then the lower part. It's a good way to avoid "fitting problems". That's what I did with this kit and it went OK.
  5. Hi all, I just finished this hughe beast for the french magazine Wingmasters. It's the Trumpeter kit (a really good one, well detailed and almost a shake'n'bake) in french markings (all hand made). Any comments are more than welcome. And now, to keep on building french airplanes, it's time to give the Heller/Eduard Mirage 2000D a try.... Thanks.
  6. This coming week-end is perfect! I just started painting the cockpit yesterday. Thanks Chris. Would you, by any chance, have some pictures that would show the inside of the cowling flaps?....
  7. Hi all, I'm in the process of building the Trumpy P-47 (see pictures in the "in progress" section). I'll load it with two 75 gal tanks. Does anyone have picture that would show how the tanks were connected to the Wings? (pipes, wire,...) Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi all, It's been a long time since I last posted some of my "never ending in progress" builds here. Below are pictures of the Trumpy Razorback cockpit and engine (I build it for the French magazine WingMasters so it should have an end!). I started painting them yesterday night. I'll update this post ASAP (I'm glad tomorrow is a day off!) Have a nice new Year's Eve.
  9. Subtle details and weathering, nice build.....Jerry, you made me want to start mine ASAP.... Great work. Cheers,
  10. Hi John, I'm impatiently wainting for mine and will follow your thread with attention. Cheers,
  11. Thanks to all. SmokingGun, I'd like to paint it as a SEA bird with a black belly.I guess (I fear) I'll have to use the kit decals but my good friend DACO decals softer will help me.
  12. Thanks for the kind words Javlin and Chris. I just used Gunze Acrylics for the seat base colors (black and sand mixed). The seat cushion is painted with a kind of Humbrol olive drab and while it was still wet, I "wetbrushed" it with a mix of olive drab/yellow/grey/white. The seat was then "washed" with a highly thinned oil paint (black and brown). When this was dry, I used tamiya pigments (Tamiya Weathering set=>looks like my grilfriends make up set!) :beige and brown for the cushion and metal for the seat. All the rivets were highlighted with a Rotring pen full of white ink. Not that difficult, it almost looks like a cake recipe to me. Cheers,
  13. Hi all, I just started working on a Tamiya F-4D. First step:the Black Box seats ( I usually keep them aside until the end of the build but this time, I finished them first to keep my motivation.Who knows, it may work....this time ). Thanks to Fancherello for the pictures. Cheers,
  14. Thanks to all. I'll do my best to provide you more pictures but I'm not really good with a camera....
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