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  1. Aigore, Superb build, outstanding thread detail and inspirational to boot. Mine is not far behind at decaling stage. ill pop some finished photos as soon as I cross the line!
  2. Gorgeous! inspiration, given I have a copy of the Missouri on the go at present!
  3. The loadout detail work is superb. This is a real head turner.
  4. Ill be watching along with this as I have one of these beasties somewhere in my stash.
  5. I know a lot has been said about this kit which makes me wonder why trumpeter got is so wrong. A real shame for such an iconic aircraft. Keep up the great work, its looking superb!
  6. That is incredible considering you only started 3d printing a relatively short time ago. Go big or go home Eh? The constellation now looks like a contender for the 3d printer?
  7. The whole situation beggars belief. Hopefully Ukraine will emerge greater and stronger. Stay safe and best wishes to you, your family and countrymen!.
  8. Also the 189 is still shown as available @ 210 euro plus P&P
  9. You have the b52? JEEZ!
  10. I recently (November) bought a C47 direct from HPH. It landed in january with no issues. After the initial order, my account status did not change for some time then all of a sudden it appeared. In addition, when I was building my 189, i screwed up one of the decals and had to order a new sheet which arrived two weeks after my order free of charge. My experience,? if your not in a rush the service is spot on.
  11. For those who can get it, the unfinished second airframe features on a TV program called Abandoned Engineering. (certainly in the UK anyhow) worth a look.
  12. Sepecat / BAC Jaguar!!!! I'm holding off for the Draken but would still love to see a few of these built!
  13. Nick, As Cees has said, the correction has been sorted.
  14. I'm in for a set of these , they will be right at home on my C47 and Catalina. Lovely work Peter.
  15. The kit is comprised of the original B 1 / 111 aircraft with both needle and paddle props etc with the addition of the sprues needed to convert to grand Slam spec i.e front and upper turret deletion, bomb bay conversion and associated markings. You can of course build a "standard" Lanc from the kit parts of that is ones desire. I shall be onto this after the Viggen. It has a show to go to in July.
  16. Iv'e certainly been guilty of making the odd extravagant purchase but never that high up the cost spectrum!
  17. incredible! the gear parts are superbly detailed as rendered but take a lot of delicate handling. This, as usual, is great work.!
  18. Just caught up with this thread Piero. Superb work. Probably a bit late but iv'e got some high rsoultion images of a snow harrier if your interested ?
  19. That will be great. Certainly sounds like you had some great fun in your career. "take me to 20000 ft and cut me loose!" So Funny!
  20. Nice work Pete, Now signed up for the Pod! All your fault!
  21. words fail me. If mine ends up even half as good I will be a happy man. Congratulations on a superb build!
  22. Sad news indeed but as Mike said, health comes first!
  23. Any of the 1/200 ships out there must be contenders!
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