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  1. Yeah i'm looking to pick up three or four two seaters and am working on the M model so getting the windscreen wont be hard. I've just got to figure out the canopy. Looks like some carving and plunge moulding in my future.
  2. Nice work mate. What scheme are you going to be doing?
  3. I'm plannning on taking some shots of my three scooters soon and I will post them for you guys.
  4. Yeah I have three on the go, All single seaters and I just bought the TA-4J on ebay UK for 20pounds and I am working on getting two maybe three more from this and the arc forum members. This is what I have so far, A single seat pre Kahu A-4K NZ, An A-4F marine bird and I am busy converting one into an A-4M.
  5. G'day all. I'm new here and would like to say hi. I want to ask a simple question, Hands up all those who love the Hasegawa 1/32nd scale A-4 series.
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