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  1. Tzulscha

    Artesania Latina "The Red Baron Triplane"

    I think I'll be looking forward to this one. (Just wish they'd stop flogging Dr1s as 'The Red Baron'. grumble grumble... )
  2. Tzulscha

    B17 HK MODEL 1/32nd Scale Pre-Order

    Just got the HK B-17 in for stock. Nose is sectioned, tail position is sectioned and most of the interior is accessible through the cockpit roof. Will be easy to do the other versions. Great detail but those ejector pin marks are still there....
  3. Tzulscha

    Revell He-111P 1:32

    Goody! Just what I need! I have really got to fight this addiction to styrene...
  4. Tzulscha


    Ask and ye shall receive......if you are patient...
  5. Tzulscha

    Special update today

    Wow! I had heard something about Revell doing a sailplane, but this is the first ive seen of it. Very pretty! Too few civil A/C out there. It seems that mfgs won't make it if it don't got guns or bombs on it... :angry: Looking forward to this sweet li'l bird!
  6. Tzulscha

    32nd mossie

    I still have a couple of the Paragon kits on hand as well as a pair of the Modelcraft kits if anyone needs one.....
  7. Tzulscha

    "Crimson Skies"

    Look through some of the books on secret Luftwaffe projects, The "Tomahawk" and "Blood Hawk" planes are both Luftwaffe '46 projects. The small models are for playing the game and should be available at you hobby shop. There were also a series of lead miniatures available a while back, some nice little models there. If you want anything bigger, you're gonna have to scratch build.......
  8. Tzulscha

    Blue Angels "Blue"

    What he said. Testors does the colour in either a bottle or spraycan. ( it also exactly matches Michigan State Police Blue )
  9. Tzulscha

    Defecting MiG

    Gratifying to hear (read) these responses. I shall bend every effort to obtain these pics. I really like the idea of offering him a model of the MiG as incentive ( I happen to have a couple on the shelf even). Unfortunatley for now, I have a 4 foot model of the Hindenberg on the bench right now that will take some time to complete and a Chris Craft (wood) to finish for another gentleman..... but when I get time....... I'll post the Hindenberg Pics when I get just a bit further along. Ian; no, I'm afraid I just run Riders for Corporate in Flint been here about 15 years though. Fun job but it doesnt pay much of anything, I make my toy money by building stuff for other people.
  10. Tzulscha

    LSP Logo on walk-around photos.

    Until I saw this post I hadn't even seen the ref pics you guys are referring to. Naturally I had to look. (Nice pics btw Chris) The watermark seems unobtrusive enough to me, I didn't have any real difficulty seeing any detail that I cared to. I'm not a big fan of watermarks as a general rule, but these are much lighter than some I have had to deal with in the past. So, I'd have to say, no, they don't bother me........
  11. Tzulscha

    Defecting MiG

    As some of you might know, I run a hobby shop here in Grand Rapids Michigan, and I get to meet some interesting people from time to time... Today a gentleman stopped in whom I had talked to earlier in the week. He had been stationed in Korea in 1960 at Kimpo AFB I believe. He brought with him his scrapbook of his time over there. The first few pages were newsprint clippings about the 2 R.O.K. MiGs that had defected. The next several pages contained his personal photos of the incident along with shots of the pilots and page after page of photos of the MiGs! Interiors, engine details, armament bay, avionics etc. etc. etc. Unbelievable! Good sharp clear shots of everything he could think of, and except for the news photos, I'd never seen any of these things in print before.... I thought about asking to borrow the book so that I could scan it, but something like that is a bit much to ask a near stranger. He does train modeling these days however and I am hoping to raise the question sometime. He is an older gentleman and was quite flattered by the enthusiasm we showed over his tattered memory book. His kids could care less it seems. I worry that this collection will wind up in the trash or a yardsale after he passes I thought I would try to scan the whole book and thought you guys might be interested in seeing some of these pics. It will probably be a while before I get my grubby hands on the book, but I couldn't resist telling you guys about this. I figure if anyone would appreciate this, you guys would.
  12. Tzulscha

    Do you build because you like the a/c or is it the

    Aircraft type first, and since I've built piles of mustangs, spitfires and messerschmitts, now I look for the wierd, exotic or just unusual stuff. My one paint rule for myself is that the A/C must be painted in the colour scheme of the country that manufactured the plane. There are of course occaisonal exceptions such as after having read Squadrons Pubs "Strangers in a Strange Land", I was moved to do a B-17G in German colours....
  13. Tzulscha

    Question guys! How many unbuilt projects are

    LMAO! You guys should be glad you don't run a hobby shop! Last time I actually counted (about 2 years ago) I had almost 6000 kits, not including the started stuff....... Probably 30 to 50 large scale kits. (Anyone ever seen the Metrop 1/24th scale Caudron G-4?) Not all large scale stuff obviously, I build anything that takes my fancy, and buy anything that looks cool. Most of the time when I finish stuff I turn around and sell it off, I don't care what happens to it after it's done. Building is everything.
  14. Tzulscha

    Trumpeter 1/32 TBF-1C

    I just got a copy of the 1c for my shop last week. I'd be happy to try to help with any questions you have on the kit. (no I haven't had time to do more than look at it)
  15. Tzulscha

    Trumpeter Avenger

    Just got a copy of the kit into my shop last week. If any of you guys have specific questions on the TBF-1C, lemme know and I'll do what I can for ya!