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  1. If I remember correctly, the french magazine Le Fana de L´Aviation published a very deep article about the disapearance of Saint-Exupery...
  2. Just checked the Hong-Kong Ebay. For buy now, there is a 1/24 Trumpeter 109 G-10 for 43 USD. Add shipping. How much is it at the shops in the States?
  3. Congratulations!! If I may give you an advice ( I have 4 kids...), use the remaining time to build kits as fast as you can. Once he is outside, you´ll spend the next 18 years collecting boxes...
  4. Thank you for your replies !! By the way, there are some interesting photos ( better say copies) running on a bidding site. Duarte
  5. Is this book any good? I´m not looking for blue-prints, but some reliable drawings and pics to help me with the Revell Fw 190 F-8 would be nice...
  6. I got my Fw-190 D-9 (late) from Revell last week here in Portugal, for 18 Euros ( 21 USD).
  7. There is something wrong here, but I can´t say what...
  8. Trust me, I´ve tried the Alpha-Jet, the A-7 and the F-16, but flying a Tiger-Moth or any other where we can open the canopy inflight, is far more fun...
  9. Not yet 41, but I know the feeling too... Duarte Monteiro - Portugal
  10. If I only knew how to add the pic... Hope this works! My Webpage
  11. Hi all! After several years doing 1/48, I decided to have a go at 1/32 after buying this postcard. I know it is E-1 from II/JG20. The Matchbox E-4 is readily available for me, but I don´t have a clue about conversions and add-ons (canopy, decals). Any suggestions? Thank you.
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