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  1. It looks pretty good from here. Very nice build. RD
  2. Super sweet!I give it three thumbs up. RD
  3. I recently purchased Dragon's early filletless P-51D. Squadron had a sale on. In a nutshell my intention is to build it pretty much OOB. I will be filling the wing joints [and rivets] as needed. Other that that the fuselage and tail rivet detail will remain. I think once built and finished those rivets and deep panel lines will not be as pronounced as they appear on the sprues. I am leaning toward building the box top aircraft "Its The Kid" as well. On the other hand,when I build my Hasegawa P-51D I will not be adding rivets. I will fill the wing joints though. RD
  4. I've got one of these Ks coming myself. I'll be doing it up as Nollmeyer's A/C. I believe I will stick with the Dark Earth / Dark Green scheme. But,I will give the alternative color opinion,Dark Earth / "Middlestone" its due. RD
  5. OK. I don't have an answer for your question,but I have read it. Let me ask you this: which are you more comfortable working with resin or photoetch? Or,not to be a smart ass, but you could build your P-39 just out of the box. That's sort of my plan with the two I have. But if I had to choose between the two,I think I'd go with the photo etch. RD
  6. Dittos,great video. I like the inflight one,all that rattlin' and squeakin' reminds me of some of the cars I own[ed]. RD
  7. That is very nice. I dig it alot. RD I'm still trying to make stretched Q Tip turnbuckles , but the Q Tips don't want to cooperate. I'll nail it one of these days. I may try stretching Evergreen tubing as well.
  8. Super sweet. I give it three thumbs up. RD
  9. I have a buddy who swears by Apple Barrel for at least some of the weathering on his armor builds. I haven't bought or used any of it myself although I may check into it. He does indeed get it from WalMart. The good thing about Citadel's line is that they are nice and thick so when thinned for spraying they go a long way. RD
  10. You could probably use water as a thinner however I would recommend thinning using an isopropol/ denatured alchol mix,some folks use windshield washer fluid,but I have had the best results with Tamiya Acrylic Thinner. RD
  11. Yes it is. I've only sprayed the metallics but I suppose the rest would spray just as well. You do need to thin it heavily. Sort of like the old Polly Scale line. RD
  12. If you want to go the acyrilic route you might try some of the Citadel metallics. They seem to work well for 72nd scale aircraft. I have not tried them in larger scales. I'm also trying to refine a dry brush technique with these to simulate grain. Any good wargamers HS should carry Citadel,BTW. Also,I'm personally going to see what I can do with foil. Age old,time tested method,I'm going to run it up the flag pole. One more. Got to give props to SNJ. It's a rock solid NMF product and the powder will buff into acylics as well . RD
  13. This is a great build. I haven't scratch built anything yet but I'm getting some very useful bits here. Especially wing fabrication. I'm all into this Kate. RD
  14. Sweet build. That winter white wash really sets your build off. It very much looks the part. RD Sean: I had a Scottish Terrier named Molly. They are great dogs. We have two West Highland Whites now. The jury's still out on those little monsters.
  15. That's a very sweet looking build. Durn. I meant to get one back when WallyWorld had them. Oh well,one will turn up sooner or later. RD
  16. Your Swordfish is simply impressive. Great job on a difficult project. RD
  17. I'm thinking all panels buttoned up. Wing up. Folded for USN,extended for USMC. Canopy open.Load out appropriate for markings and time frame. I really would like a VF-111 "Sundowners" A/C so I may wait and see what percolates for that one. I'll hide and watch. It wouldn't take much for me to get another and knock out two. I'll tell y'all what, I'm still looking forward to the A-6. And Fisher's Cutlass! RD
  18. Thanks for the compliments and also the comments on the weathering . I going to try some MIG pigments for the dusty look and see how that goes. RD
  19. I had a good time with this one. It is built OOB and is in the markings of Sgt. Taranzova a 5 victory ace during the Spanish Civil War. For those interested,this kit goes together nicely although the wing roots and lower wing join needed some filler but nothing too drastic. There was lots of discussion as to the top side colors and IIFC I went pretty much with VVS colors. PollyScale paints were used throughout. The rudder was also painted with the "eggplant" being mixed. A sticker is provided for the rudder markings but they never seem to work out for me. All 4 of the stickers used were excellent. As it sits I think it is a bit too clean. I will add oil steaks,mainly to the underside and dust it up a bit. I don't think these aircraft,for the most part,got too nasty so I will keep it light. RD
  20. Mr Creosote


    Ken LaSala's KPL Systems has these listed for $58.95. I hadn't heard about the release delay until reading about here. What's the scoop? RD
  21. Mr Creosote

    F 8

    I am so in for the Cutlass. I'm looking forward for the release of it. RD
  22. Mr Creosote

    F 8

    I saw these at a [sort of local] LHS for a good price,$105.00. I'm kicking myself for now getting one right then and there. Next time for sure. RD
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