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  1. Thanks Ed. No warped parts in this one. I have reshaped the canopy as much as it can be,or at least as much as I can, to try to get it into something resembling a Sea Fury hood. Now I am in the process of buffing out the sanding scratches,a slow process for sure. RD
  2. Alrightly now. That is some sweet work on the Bent Wing. I missed getting one of the 21st Century Corsairs when they were available. Glad to see how well this one turned out. RD
  3. Moving on to the wings now. The wheel wheel insert was pre-painted and weathered before gluing to the lower wing. The wheel well "lip" on the lower wing was cut in with color as well. The wing panels fit up was just OK. There were areas of the join that required some filling before it could be smoothed out properly. CA was used for this application. The wing light bits,which were molded in the gray plastic [WTF?] did not fit well at all. Neither did port wing leading edge mystery part "E29". All three of these areas were liberally hit with CA and after they were dry,sanded out. Also filled was the starboard wing's matching mystery panel. The wing tip lights will be painted in later. Note also the wing center section is painted black in order to kill any bare plastic showing through on the completed model. Part E29. Poor fit. Uffa. Much more gooder now. More poor fit. Same here. Put right. Its hard to tell because the CA appears clear. The unpainted "squares" mate to similiar "squares" on the fuselage. A dry fit shows this will make a solid join once fitted. Hey,whattya know,a bright spot! More to come in a week or so. RD
  4. I have no good clue if its accurate or not but it sure looks like a sweet build. RD
  5. Man,I hate when I do stuff like that! Jeez. Well,there will be a short update soon. RD
  6. My intention with this kit is to build it "Out Of The Box" in accordance with current IPMS/USA standards. Basically I am just curious to see what this kit looks like built like that. I wonder what I can do with it. Most of the basic bits after clean up. The tail wheel had a sink mark that needed a bit of filler and attention. Everything else is just basic. I think right now too basic especially for a 32nd scale kit. Port side of the fuselage. The break down of the assembly allows you to slip the cockpit tub after the fuselage halfs are assembled. The starboard side. Duct tape has soo many uses. The forward fuselage showing the rescribing I needed to do after smoothing out the join. The lower fuselage needed the same work. Of course,it may have very well been poor technique on my part. You results may vary. The dreaded canopy. It looks marginally OK in side view ,I think. It falls apart looking at in plan view,straight down, and it still has a nasty mold seam. It is just goofy looking. Ah and the real sweet thing about it is,the canopy frame work is molded inside the piece. It take some sanding and polishing on this bit to try to make it reasonable. RD
  7. I really like all this week's builds. I suspect the I-16 is the Azur kit and "Rocket To Russia" is one of the best albums ever recorded. RD
  8. I'm thinking the missing stickers will come out the pipeline much quicker than replacement wings or other defective kit parts. We'll see about that , I suppose. RD
  9. Just a quick post to let all y'all know my replacement P-51 [Hobbycraft 32nd,1st release] wings has arrived at the house. I am not home but the good wife opened the package and confirmed. So I'm stoked. It did indeed take them a while but WTF. Am I the only modeler that requested replacement wings from Hobbycraft? Now I am awaiting the missing stickers for the P-51A ans A-36. I suspect those will be coming shortly. Happy day! RD
  10. That's looking really slick. I'll be waiting for more to come. RD
  11. I'll check that book out. I'm always on the look out for a good read. I had also read that once the shooting started the FAA folks resolved the Seafire wrinkling problem by ignoring it. A 32nd scale FR47 sounds very tempting as does the Firefly. I have not flogged a vac in some time now. I guess I might have to drop Tigger a PM. RD
  12. OK. It sounds like I will pass on the riveting but may do some subtle "skin stressing". Thanks for all the replies. I do apprieciate it. And. I will look through my stack of modelling magazines as there is a decent chance I have that Scale Models issue. Or: You know,I'm going to invent a device probably that will run off electrical power that has the ability to store information you put into it. Just think of it,we could,if it had a keyboard just like a typewriter,list our magazines and their contents in some sort of organized fashion. RD
  13. Howdy all: I'm flogging on a Hobbycraft Sea Fury and this looks to be a good candidate for trying out two techinques I want to develop,namely "stressed skin" and "riveting". I need to know is what is the reference [book] I need to purchase that shows the rivet patterns? RD
  14. Be sure to check out the -5N on the "What's New" page. That one looks really nice. RD
  15. I have this kit. Unstarted as yet. I've looked it over closely and seen what I can see on the net and it looks to me pretty much like a box shaker. Could be the only problem area might be if the wing joins if you build it with the wings extended. As for "The Bulge",it's there for sure and when I build mine it will remain there. I'm not going to mess with any sort of fix. I say go for it. RD
  16. Here. To me,in a nutshell,its all about learning and developing a new set of skills. Instead of snipping parts off sprues you trim them off carrier sheets,etc,etc and so forth. No black magic,no bitting the heads off live chickens. Anyway I also want to scratch build a model or two just to see if I can pull it off. RD
  17. Given the choice I would prefer Bong's combat aircraft. RD
  18. That's sharp my man. Solid build and it looks the part to me. RD
  19. Super sweet. I give it three thumbs up. RD
  20. Ditto to that. Mine arrived today as well. I looked at the label and was thinking "FMP,I didn't order anything from no stinkin' FMP. " I ,of course,opened the box and was like "Oh yeah." RD
  21. What they said......Its very nice. I like it alot. I think the subtle weathering is appropriate. I dig it. RD
  22. An excellent build. Very,very nice. RD
  23. Looks good from here! Very nice. RD
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