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    fab reacted to Jan_G in Zoukei Mura Henschel Hs-129 B-2/RIII, W.Nr.0310, Sch.G2, Afrika   
    Thanks guys for all positive words! I really apreciate it
    I was working a little on the cockpit. everythin Painted with MRP RLM 02 and 66, drybrush with shades of light grey. Panel line wash used: Light grey, Pacific dust from AMMO and Neutral, Dark wash from MIG
    Fit is great and this is another enjoyable build of ZM kit


    seatbelts and straps made from HGW luftwaffe seatbelts

    IP painted with individual instrument decals supplied in kit, glassing of instrumentswith hph epoxy

    thanks for looking
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    fab reacted to Flachenty in Flettner 282 V6 Kolibri 1/35 Miniart   
    This time, something I did two years ago.
    Miniart model with small corrections (cables and blade assembly components).
    Paints from the Bilmodel company. Stand made of sticks for mixing coffee

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    fab reacted to Flachenty in PZL P.11c 1/32 IBG Models   
    The project has been completed, so it's time for the gallery.
    The model was made of prototype moldings.
    Thanks to the cooperation with Yahu and Master, I was able to equip the model with add-ons that these companies will offer to valorise this aircraft (dashboards, rifles, Venturi tube).
    I made some elements myself: cables, propeller blades, wing container for ammunition and elements of the inside of the wing).
    I painted the model with Bilmodel Makers and Hataka paints.
    The markings were made using masks of our own production (thanks Marco).
    Photos of the first test model and workshop can be viewed here: 
    I invite you to watch.

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    fab reacted to RLWP in Other Nurmberg LSP notables...   
    Group build?
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    fab reacted to dodgem37 in Emil Lang, Fw190A-5 Black 7, 5./JG 54, May 1943   
    Thank you, Brothers.
    The pictures are back in all of my threads.  That's good news.  Anyway.
    Been adding stuff to the inner flaps so they don't look so bare.

    The flap down angle should be a maximum of 60 degrees.  Not what Hasegawa offers.  So I cut (scored) and pasted the tab to a corrected angle of 60 degrees..


    Put in a new camera.  I see it still needs some clean-up.

    Made some flap stuff.

    Little buttons are neoprene stand-offs.

    A couple of rods.  I don't know if this aircraft had this detail.

    But they were in the reference I was using so I put them in to jazz the space up a bit.
    Thank you for looking and liking.
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    fab reacted to D Bellis in New 1/32 wheels producer - Halberd Models   
    Aftermarket RUBBER wheels?!? 
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    fab reacted to Greif8 in Helmut Wick Bf109 E-4   
    I got some PMs while building the WNW Fokker DVII asking about figure painting.  As I said in that thread the pilot figure turned out a bit below average as I was not able to turn the somewhat sub-standard casting into a nice finished product.  A few folks seemed surprised that I was disappointed my work and asked what I considered a good figure to be.  The photos of a build I did of Helmut Wick's fighter a few years ago, shown circa mid to late October 1940 after he took command of JG2, features two figures I thought turned out well.  The castings were excellent and I can sometimes get the moon and stars to align when the base product is a good as those two figures were.  
    The other reason for posting this build is that I have recently read some older threads about the in accuracies of some scale kits, the Eduard Bf109 E-4 being one of them, and realized just how clueless I am when it comes to assessing how accurate the dimensions or form(s) of a kit aircraft is compared to the real thing.  Honestly the only thing that jumped out at me on this kit when I built it was the undercarriage is not raked far enough forward and stands a bit too tall - at least to my eye.  All the other dimensional errors went completely unnoticed by me.  I realized what a disconnect that is as I generally build aircraft that are tied to a specific pilot or event and usually strive to portray the aircraft marked and weathered as accurately as possible.  For example I actually put in a lot of practice perfecting the technique of applying the mottling with the blunt end of an old cut down Number 4 "pointer" brush, as that was the way it was applied in real life.  After a lot of work on a paint mule I managed to get the effect pretty close on the build (in my opinion at least), but I did not fix the slight hump at the top rear of the fuselage as I just did not see it until it was brought to my attention.  Makes me wonder if I need to up my game. <grin>









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    fab reacted to dodgem37 in Emil Lang, Fw190A-5 Black 7, 5./JG 54, May 1943   
    Thank you, Brothers.
    Finished up the Cockpit and Engine Mount Compartment.

    A couple of squashed solder balls as fasteners.

    Black electrical junction box, wire, and tape clasp.

    Added a switch and crank.

    Finished up the firewall and roughed in some piping.  Empty slots will receive yellow and red wiring.  Engine Mount to Firewall mounting connection made up.

    Another view.

    Luckily it fit.

    Another test fit.

    Vent hardware.

    Added cabling.  It will go through the pulley in the next photo.

    Pulley.  Drilled hole a top to thread the cable.  Hole across from pulley is an ERROR, ERROR, ERROR, WILL ROBINSON!  Or is it DANGER!?  The other hole will accept the three wires from above.

    Center Engine Mount support structure.

    Bunch of rods and handle around the canopy crank.

    Thanks for looking.
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    fab reacted to Gewehr 43 in OK, at the risk of being banned.....   
    I have all but abandoned Hyperscale and Missing Lynx since they moved to Tapatalk.  I'll admit that they were in dire need of a software update, but the amount of ads slammed into both forums is unbearable.  You hit all the others pretty well.  https://reddit.com/r/modelmakers is pretty good, but tends to lean towards the beginner end of the spectrum.  That said, there are over 150k subscribers, so it's worth watching as some really interesting stuff pops up from time to time.
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    fab reacted to Rick K in Fa330 Bachsteize (Wagtail)   
    A few detail shots.







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    fab reacted to Vincent in 109 cowl gun electrical question   
    MG131 on the 109 G10 were electrically loaded, not pneumatically so only electrical looms going to them
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    fab reacted to Dart_Schatten in 1/32 Cyber hobby Bf109 E-3   
    Good day, friends! After a long illness, I've returned to modeling.
    Allow me to present Bf109 E-3, OOTB. I've used Mr.hobby paints and oils from AMMO.
    Thanks, and take care!

    Regards, Sergey Budyansky
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    fab reacted to LSP_Ron in Realistic explosions, any scale!   
    Smoked tomatoes make a really nice pasta sauce.
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    fab reacted to Aluxe in Alouette II Aérospatiale SE.3130 Helicopter 1:32   
    Hello guys
    After some time I can now upload this SE.3130 Alouette II 1/32 model kit to share how difficult it will be to get the best out of it, because it is the only mold in the market #04401 Revell, there is a lot to take advantage of, but I recognize the most beautiful pieces of this kit, which for me are the windshield, oolala, exquisite, and I will support myself with some scrtach, which I will decide to move forward, as well as the set 32043 of Eduard,
    In the morning with a delicious coffee we start ..

    More by habit, than by rebellion, my models do not start them in the order of the instructions, from the branches I take with which I think to start, and at this moment I take the tail structure, a fairly simple tetrahedron, which does not satisfy me, these are round tubes and the model cannot reproduce them, so it will be necessary to devise,

    I will use brass tubes of 1mm and .9mm, I will respect the measures of the model, which will guide me, the really complicated thing was to perforate the tubes, fortunately none of them turned or scored badly.


    now wire them together. That will serve as a guide when it comes to welding. For today it was all the breakthrough, as I go on vacation, tomorrow I will try to advance something

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    fab reacted to kensar in 1/32 Thomas Morse S4C scratchbuild   
    I decided on a Thomas Morse for my next scratchbuild as there aren't any kits of one in this scale.  I think its a significant plane since most American WW1 pilots had time in one.  The idea was planted in my head when I came across some papers left behind by my Dad after he passed.  Among them was a line drawing of the Tommy from a 1957 issue of Model Airplane News.
    I have put together the engine using a Vector kit, with the front of the crankcase machined from aluminum and some RB Motion bolts.

    Next, I machined out a cowl on my lathe.


    Then it was time to start the fuselage framing.  The top longeron has quite a curve in it, which was created with three 0.020" strips laminated together to hold the curve.

    Then the cockpit bits.  The Tommy has a simple cockpit.  The ailerons are operated via torsion bars, like a Nieuport.

    Nearly completed cockpit bring me up to date here.

    The next challenge is rendering the bottom of the fuse and the turtledeck.  They were longerons covered with the linen covering.
    Comments welcome.
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    fab reacted to dodgem37 in 1/32 ZM Henschel Hs-129 B-2   
    Sir Roger Moore flew Ha 129B-2 in WWII?
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    fab reacted to pvanroy in Colour of this rudder of Me 262   
    The fin would have had a wooden leading edge indeed; this, and the uniform color of the fin do suggest it was painted, a variant of RLM 76 being a possibility, although I wouldn't entirely exclude 02 either, although that would probably look darker. 
    The fabric-skinned rudder was likely in primer, which would have been a dull, dark red color. This is supported by the fact that there seems to be a small label at the tip of the rudder, which is likely an instruction dealing with the specifics of the Flieglakette to be applied; this would usually be overpainted when camo colors were applied. Further also notice the metal-skinned trim tab, which has broken away and is hanging down the side of the rudder: it has a different, much lighter color than the rest of the rudder, further supporting the notion that the fabric-skinned rudder was left in primer. The trim tab itself may have been left unpainted natural metal, or may have received a coat of 02 or 76.
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    fab got a reaction from Alain Gadbois in Colour of this rudder of Me 262   
    Hye Skiner
    If i were you, i would work with the idea or artistic licence that is a field repair or change...in order to deal it in red for the rudder and alu for the fin....
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    fab reacted to David Mooney in 1/32 Tamiya F-4D 'Terrible Tyke'   
    Hello all, 
    I have been rather busy working of late but I have found time between working with real aircraft to finish my F-4D. 
    Im sure many are aware that the Tamiya kit is a dream to build and goes together very well, I used Mr Colour paint which I believe are the best on the market at the moment, the colours I used were 303 (FS34102), 310 ((FS 30219) and 320 (Dark Green)……….and black for the bottom :-)
    Sadly the decals were in a poor state and fragmented as soon as they hit the water, so I purchased the Warbirds Decals set (32009) which were superb and set well on the aircraft and into any details very well and recommended. 
    I didn't like the fit of the intakes to the ducting, so I thought it a far better idea to use the Quickboost (QB 32089) set of intake covers. 
    The seats are aftermarket, but I cant tell you who made them as they came free with the kit (from a certain auction site) 
    All the weapon pylons are removable, this is done using small earth magnets in the wings and pylon locations.











    I hope you like it, it is certainly my best build so far. All comments are welcome, thanks for looking 
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    fab reacted to pascal JMW in P47 D RAZORBACK TRUMPETER 1/32   
    just finish to day my second kit from this year 
    P47 D trumpeter , Eduard photo etched  for the cockpit , resin wheels Redux , gun's Aber , pitot Aber , pilot Ultracast , kit world decals for the noz art , marking painting with stencils , painting whit tamiya and Gunze acrylic ,wash Tamiya and watercolors pencils 














    best regards Pascal 
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    fab reacted to nmayhew in Do 17   
    yeah i've never bought the whole 'there's not a real aircraft so we can't design a model' line - never coming within a continent of the real thing hasn't  it hasn't stopped Trumpeter (and others!) churning out kits over the years 

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    fab reacted to Alain Gadbois in Do 17   
    It hasn't happened yet because it is not as exciting as the He111 or Ju88. But I will not say it will never be done. I think the night fighter Do 217 would be the most popular in the Dornier line.
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    fab reacted to tomaszhajzler in Boeing F4b4 almost naked   
    Hi !
    I never expected that this project can take me eight years. I thought about three or four years. Of course I had breakes, holidays etc., but it was about 2500 hours of work.
    As base I used old Hasegawa kit, but it was only excuse to start this project, the rest is scratchbuilding.
    My friend, Andrzej Ziober persuaded me to show this model so strongly opened. He is precursor of cutting all structure of fuselage from kit’s moldings.
    First step


    And the final









    Here is the link to WIP
    My Boeing made the first flight to Madrid on IX model contest organized by IPMS Madrid and asociation model34. It was very interesting event, very good organised with many models on high level.
    Boeing received three prices, thank you Jury
    Oro in it’s class,
    Best aircraft,
    and Special Price from IPMS Portugal for the best model of the contest.

    This third is especially beautifull, special thanks for members of IPMS Portugal.


    So now, I need to think about new project.
    Thank you All for watching, support and kind words.
    Tomasz Hajzler
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    fab reacted to Tony T in Do 17   
    Too much work.  I started a Tigger Su-15 four years ago: it arrived, I sawed, it conquered.
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    fab got a reaction from scvrobeson in Hopes Dashed! No more WWII WNW kits   
    In a other point of view....Perharps Mr P.J should try to produce WWI french planes...ouups sorry ...blue, white and red rondels doesn''t seem to be his cup of tea...

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