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  1. harvey

    Subject vs Scale vs Time

    never mind. I would just get spanked......Harv
  2. harvey

    Subject vs Scale vs Time

    OK, so thread was going nowhere. Is locking it really necessary? There are lots of post that go "nowhere" but are not locked. Just my .02$......Harv
  3. harvey

    B-25H build...Building has started !

    That's a great idea Carl. But there is NO way I 'll be finished in time. Infact, it most likely wont be done by October....Harv
  4. harvey

    B-25H build...Building has started !

    Don't be too shocked. Back with a small update. Working on the LG. One ready for paint, Much more detail than I expected.......Harv
  5. harvey

    1/32 Mk XVIII Tse-Tse Mosquito

    Thanks Buddy !.....Harv
  6. harvey

    Zoukei-Mura P-51 Mustang Miss Marilyn II

    Love it ! Very crisp, well executed.....Harv
  7. The only "planned" purchase I have is the Horton 229 two seat conv. I hope to pickup at Phoenix. But you never know.....Harv
  8. harvey

    Subject vs Scale vs Time

    All I have ever built is 1/32. But since coming back about 10 yrs ago, my stash has changed at least 3 times. Went from jets to Russin jets to WWII props back to jets... Well you get the picture. Now its a little mix of many items......Harv
  9. harvey

    Dragon Bf110E NJG 1

    Very much like this one. You did good buddy !!....Harv
  10. harvey

    Fisher Skyray

    Beautiful! See you in Phoenix!!.....Harv
  11. harvey

    Dragon Bf110E

    Can't wait!!.....Harv
  12. harvey

    P 51 D REVELL

    I believe its our own John can answer that question! Lovely build! Really like it.....Harv
  13. harvey

    ZM 1/32 Horton Ho229

    yeah, blame Cat !......Harv
  14. harvey

    1/32 Mk XVIII Tse-Tse Mosquito

    Slipper tanks were used on Tse-Tse. And Harold of AMS has some beautiful drop tanks. Check out Sprue Br......Harv