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  1. End of the seat bulkhead, with cabling and extra details
  2. Work continues on the right side wall I had to redo the landing gear level, it was out of scale. You can see the T connectors on the hydraulical lines : the Mark8 had a retractable tail wheel so 2 lines will be added once the quadrant is glued in place Some devil in the details:
  3. Last for today, the landing gear control lever with the so distinc knob and the bolt at the end : Vincent
  4. At 150€, this is a rip-off. You should request a partial refund ! Nice recovery work, as usual ! V
  5. Works continues on the heel board with some detailing and the addition of the very visible fuel electrical pump interference filter and a better view of the differential braking relay. Instruments feeding lines added as well with their brackets Tank pressurization knob and fuel selector were also recreated in plastic card Vincent
  6. Forgot the redone head armor. Still missing the fastening bolts
  7. Hi I have been working on this kit for a little while now. Some pics of where i am at the moment. Everything not stock is scratchbuilt. Working only a little bit every day so it will take a while to complete. Finished control column, redone engine primer and Dunlop brake relay valves Elevators control crankbell Seat support frame with holes and rivets Rudder bars redone with adjusting star wheels and thread. Heel board work started Control column rework Back and bottom armor for the seat Bottom armor in place and seat back cushion Vincent
  8. It will either be a P47 or a Me109G6. And i'd say both will eventually come out The P47 because the engine already exists in the Corsair and because they studied that airframe extensively when releasing the 1/72 and 1/48 kits The Me109G6 because ... i can't tell ... but you guys surely have an idea why as their kits are based on the surviving finnish aircrafts
  9. Hi "Stocks" is a relative concept as the paint was more or less delivered on contract basis. Quite close to the "just in time" of today's industry. So stocks would have probably not covered more than a dozen a/c (depending on the a/c size) at the time of transition V
  10. As i said, seen on the E and F but not that often on Gs
  11. It depends a lot on the version. The one thing that is common is to have the wings painted with the slats deployed. Why ? Because you don't want the paint to "glue" the slats shut. Sometimes if the slats were painted shut, the painter would place a length of thin wood between the slat edge and the wing surface to prevent the glueing effect. I have seen evidences of that practice on E and F wing parts but never on G parts
  12. On the other hand, germans being germans, "there should be a stencil on a wing, it's a regulation" I have parts in my collection which had been field repainted and where the stencil was repainted by hand, some where it was not repainted and some where the stencil was masked before the repaint and showed the original in what looks like a "window" So as you said, anything is possible V
  13. Hint : Those interested in research on german paint industry during WW2 that can read german and have access to the Bundesarchivs should go there and search for the material regarding a company called "Deutsche Revisions- und Treuhand AG". It will open a whole new world into german aircraft production and its sub contractors. Vincent
  14. you would almost certainly not see a panel line under the paint but it's a model so why not
  15. Hi Your work is beautiful but one remark : if there was putty applied, there would be no panel line visible. Putty was also applied on rivets by the way But your painting is really impressive V
  16. here's a quizz. Name the color of the compass :
  17. and i won't post a picture of the proposed underwears...
  18. well, at least i got a good laugh before leaving. Thanks guys !
  19. That is total bs. Goering's daughter gave me all her dad's material after a passionate but short affair. I can assure you that the hypen is a myth introduced by the incorrect translation of the german Schulmeck dialect. It should be a +, RLM+81 etc The compositions were stolen by Ferdinand Porsche who went to build successfull cars after the war with these new formulations requiring no metal to paint on
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