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  1. So, here we have the first "building block" of the cockpit. Instruments are a mix of my own design (MDC) and Airscale. Once applied over a gloss surface, they are brushed with Microsol and color details corrected, such as the colored instrument rims. It's not perfect but i think it will be OK. Once dry, each instrument is sealed with a drop of Tamiya clear mixed with Smoke and Yellow to give the correct hue for the white (instrument decals are always too white for the scale) I've assembled the rudder pedals and next job is to tackle the compass, then add the rudder cables and glue that asembly to the bulkhead assembly. Slowly getting there The pedals are offset since the rudder will be angled Et petit coucou aux masteriens adeptes de la pensee unique
  2. Hi The hole on top of the box where the MG151 used to be on the G version is not for an instrument, it's a lightening hole And to be accurate, on a BoB Buchon, the avionic box was not installed, so that was just an empty frame basically And (you will hate me) your thottle quadrant is not installed with the correct orientation That central assembly looks suspiciously identical to the one i mastered for Grey Matter. Not cool V
  3. If I may RLM66 is much darker than what you used. It only a step down from black in reality Also, several He162 had the multipurpose RLM66 which was Dark green, bit like the RAF green camo V
  4. I'm sure i will I'm planning to finish the IP this weekend which will allow me to start bringing the entire floor assembly together and work on Radu's Sutton harness Cheers Vincent
  5. The kit's instrument panel was modified to represent a MkVIII layout. I will use Airscale decals on it (to try them out)
  6. I think Bob who is the real Mdc is reducing the range to concentrate on his other projects
  7. i wish I had the guts to do something like that
  8. Me like a lot to see my patterns in use so beautifully !
  9. About the putty on the 262 : The use of putty on the me262 (and all lw aircraft at the end of the war) was to enable the a/c to pass acceotance flights. 2 areas got really bad as the war progressed : Riveting and panel joining. Early in the war, this was done by skilled laborers which eventually got drafted and replaced by forced labor and non skilled laborers. This led to a difficult situation for the airctaft industry : as the a/c performances increased tremendously, the rejection rate at acceptance flights increased to a point that something had to be done. Rejection because of insufficient speed was the primary concern and the culprit were angled rivets and gaping panels. These defects created so much extra drag and turbulences that the a/c powerformance were reduced. It was even more serious on jet a/c. Putty was used at the factory to "smoothen" these defects and it was usually applied on the most critical areas You find this putty on late G10s and K4s as well
  10. I'm afraid that at the moment there is no good G10 out of the box. As said, the Revell is the Erla one but has some issues. The Hasegawa is not representing accuratly the WNF G10 (most built) and would ok for the MTT built G10. But it has some bad fuselage and canopy shape issues The market is still open for a state of art G10
  11. Ah, i found what the left wing hatch was for : It's documented as the filler hatch for the KGM1 system which was never installed to my knowledge on any K4. The GM1 setup in the left wing is documented in great details but i don't recall it being installed on production a/c The documentation implies that if the system was not installed, the hatch was not present, which would explain why most K4 pictures do not show that hatch
  12. Hi This might be because AK real color aren't true acrylic paints and water can't easily reach the hairspray I haven't tried it yet on my Spit but will let you guys know if the same happens to me Vincent
  13. I think you should not get too fixated on that plan. It's not 100% accurate. For ex you can see that it shows the early G6 style belly panel. We know for a fact that the K4 used a different panel without the vents (in fact this model of vents was discontinued in the end of 1943) The plan maker might have supposed that the hatch was for the MK108 compressed air but we know it's not the case as the the bottles were refilled from what used to be the 20mm ammo loading hatch on top of the wing. As i said earlier, this hatch is documented both in tech drawings from MTT and on some photos but it is not associated with any system. It might simply have been a provision for future use
  14. Can't help with the translation but the plan represents a wing produced by the WNF or Diana plant at the end of the war with the aileron compensator that was supposed to be installed on all late 109, including the K4, but only made it's way on some of the WNF G10. The oval hatch is also documented on the K4 parts manual but serves no particular documented function. For the K4, the interesting bit is that the oval hatch is documented under both wings, the right wing one supposed to give access to the o2 filling valve but we know from photographic evidence that it was also produced with the regular round hinged hatch
  15. Allright I created my own mix of british interior green based on an original Hurricane part that i own from Tamiya paints. I also love to pick the details with Valejo paints so i had to make my own mix of Valejo colors to obtain the exact same shade as the Tamiya mix It took a bit of time but i think i managed The paint on the right (instrument support former) is the Tamiya mix and the green on the seat is Valejo mix This picture shows nicely the replicated resin fiber effect of the seat Now that the seat is drying, I'll tackle the undercarriage control block
  16. So they are going for it after all
  17. If i may: The historical flag of Brittany is a black cross on top of a white background. Don't you think it would be more interesting to explore national markings based on that scheme ? Like a black and white cocarde (or exemple replacing the blue of the finnish cocarde by black ?) I like the tail marking however Vincent Kermorgant
  18. You can see a good drawing of the actuator arm : Operated by a hydraulic ram (part 13) which itself was controlled by a thermostatically controlled valve (part 6). Pretty much automated and very effective
  19. I had a plan to make my corsair on a factory line as well. But mine will be more yellow ! Great work so far, the subtle weathering is really really nice ! V
  20. The stencils are in the mail, first class postage, so they'll be with you fairly soon
  21. The 2L O2 chain spheres FL30380-8 (3 pieces) were in the right wing, near the wingtip and the Compressed air bottles for the Mk108 were in the left wing, inside the redundant 20mm ammo tray :
  22. funny issues with the image hosting service, sorry about that
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