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  1. Allright I created my own mix of british interior green based on an original Hurricane part that i own from Tamiya paints. I also love to pick the details with Valejo paints so i had to make my own mix of Valejo colors to obtain the exact same shade as the Tamiya mix It took a bit of time but i think i managed The paint on the right (instrument support former) is the Tamiya mix and the green on the seat is Valejo mix This picture shows nicely the replicated resin fiber effect of the seat Now that the seat is drying, I'll tackle the undercarriage control block
  2. If i may: The historical flag of Brittany is a black cross on top of a white background. Don't you think it would be more interesting to explore national markings based on that scheme ? Like a black and white cocarde (or exemple replacing the blue of the finnish cocarde by black ?) I like the tail marking however Vincent Kermorgant
  3. You can see a good drawing of the actuator arm : Operated by a hydraulic ram (part 13) which itself was controlled by a thermostatically controlled valve (part 6). Pretty much automated and very effective
  4. I had a plan to make my corsair on a factory line as well. But mine will be more yellow ! Great work so far, the subtle weathering is really really nice ! V
  5. The stencils are in the mail, first class postage, so they'll be with you fairly soon
  6. The 2L O2 chain spheres FL30380-8 (3 pieces) were in the right wing, near the wingtip and the Compressed air bottles for the Mk108 were in the left wing, inside the redundant 20mm ammo tray :
  7. funny issues with the image hosting service, sorry about that
  8. Glorious work Notice the hole behind the right side exhaust stack ? It's the blast discharger for the Mk 108 so don't fill it ! In case it's not too late, i found a spare sheet of the k4 stencils i did for mdc. If you want one, drop me your adress via PM. The circuit breaker labels are quite handy and you also get the top wing root Mk108 air filler stencil (on the k4, the 2 compressed air bottles needed to operate the canon were stored in what used to be the 20mm ammo box on the G version. The 30mm rounds were stored in a bin above the canon the decals are the one on the right in this picture. I was able to get my hands on the k4 stencil instruction so they are accurate you also get the warning label on the rear hatch door instructing on the battery issue and how to replace it (item 4)
  9. You also left several hatches on the underside that did not exist on the G2. Aren't the Hasegawa instructions telling to fill them up ? Edit : seems like not. They did not do their homework on this one
  10. You need to remove the seam on the front of that wingroot. The real one was made in one piece. I'm telling it to you to help, so please don't start whinning like you do on the french forum. And the crews would not have walked on the radiator flaps so their dirt is a bit illogical Lastly, don't forget to paint the cowling rubber seal
  11. Here, on this G10, you can a variation of the breather placement On the K4 it was supposed to come out in a perfect round hole separate of the ejection chute. On this G10 they share the same cut. The panel behing the chutes is a modern piece and should not be used as reference for a K4
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