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  1. This is a very impressive model ! Congrats Vincent
  2. Yes, there was a filler hatch on the right side of the fuselage with a stencil : and there was a drain under the fuselage
  3. Hi Yes, there was a dial on that instrument. It is the MW50 boost pressure gauge : The G14 was equipped with the MW50 water methanol injection system so this gage had to be added. It was also on the G10 but not on the G6. On the K4 the gauge was located on the main instrument panel
  4. Hi For a G14, don't forget to add this gauge on the left side of the cockpit :
  5. the second one is nice also as it shows the seat with the bottom armor that Tamiya forgot to provide !
  6. Hi Beware, the kit depicts a Mk IX interior and the MkVIII had a fairly different interior (ask me how i found out) Vincent
  7. yes, yellow was used on all fuel related components and as Radu said, the windshield cleaning was done by spraying fuel from the engine circuit to the windshield, so it was often painted yellow or left unpainted aluminium color. Other yellow coded items in the cockpit were the throttle handle, the auxiliary tank fuel line (sometimes only a small section was painted) and the engine priming pump
  8. in fact when looking at your built model and comparing the position of the forward latch in relation to the vertical panel line, it seems that you had the exact same overhang. Might be as well that Kevin cut isn't perpendicular which makes the overhang worse
  9. I also have to say that the resin upper deck seems much longer than on the real a/c. That might be the issue. The Hasegawa kit is too short in that area by the way. Maybe they used the real size and forgot that the kit is too short ?
  10. I'm pretty sure you cut too much, given the position of the floor support pegs
  11. I guess because FB is fast replacing forums with many modelers
  12. I now assembled the floor and added all the control cables A view with the seat, to show how it all comes together Now my next task will be to deal with the compass, the oxygen hose and the landing gear quadrant
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