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  1. I doubt the FAA would be the reason. You can get a LW harness certified with proper belting material.... But that particular plane had a US harness installed after the war
  2. Bit shame not to use the proper seat harness after that much work to get the rest right
  3. I think the rims you have used are a post war thing. The earliest i have seen them installed on a/c was 1955 IIRC
  4. I would need to reupload them and i'm too lazy
  5. It would be as painful for them as to get their (wing)nuts stapled on their computer desks I also have the CSM nieuport and frankly, if a subject is available from both manufacturers, i'll take the CSM without hesitation. They really did an outstanding job on these birds and the fit is phenomenal
  6. the 76 doesn't look right on these pictures, at least not for an Erla machine
  7. Well, my wife believes that every modeller she ever met through my hobby is retarded in a way or another. Sadly with time passing, i start to think she is right
  8. That's an interesting picture of one of the french FW190 assembled after the war. Note the french AVIOREX modele 32 harness that was also used on the MS406 and De520 among other french fighters
  9. Quite impressive work on the gunsight !
  10. The 76 on your part looks to lean toward the so called "RLM84" hue. Regular 76 was plain blue
  11. You're on the right path, keep going !
  12. Class 33 lacquers in RLM nomenclature means paints formulated to be applied on non metal supports, like wood in this case. Applying a metal class lacquer on the wood putty would damage it over time with possible dire consequences. You normally had a warning on every wood assembly stating "to be repaired only with class 33 aviation lacquers" like on the rudder fin from the auction This thread will be fun until we get the "parts in my garage" card, or the "my friends from the german paint industry" card or the "i'm an academic, you're not" card. Just to illustrate the minefield, i have few parts from a crashed Ju88A4 in Finland. Parts from the same time frame, same factory (they are not subcontracted) and at least 3 variations of RLM02 on them. So...
  13. Also about the colors : These are lacquers class 33 and these were known to be a bit different hue wise from the metal lacquers. So i would not make too many conclusions on these 5 fragments you have. They just show what wooden parts on LW a/c would look like. Nothing more V
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