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  1. Kit came out of the blue to me with no pre warning or request. It was a nice gesture from Radu and ZM and I'm thankful for the attention (as stated by email) So having no instructions or requests from ZM, I felt free to review the kit as I saw it. My general opinion is this : The kit seems accurate, well researched for the most part and the engineering is really clever in many places. I'd even say that in many way it seems more like building a real 109 than building a kit. For that credit is due to Radu, without a question But there are issues here and there, some it seems by design (like the pipe - 5th time mentionned, i'm sorry) or part variations. I understand that this happens either by lack of documentation or conscious decisions I did not feel that my review so far was passing the message "stay away from this kit". If it did, i'm sorry, it was not my intention - i truely believe that it is a kit that anyone interested in modeling the 109G6 or G14 should get, even if you're not a 32nd guy/gal But at the moment I kinda feel that I can't say a thing about the kit without Radu providing an after the fact explaination and I have other stuff to do in real life
  2. Radu, I'll give you the choice because I'm getting REALLY tired of the way you take my review of the kit 1) You stop trying to find an explanation for every single thing that is wrong or missing in the kit and take my review as it is. OR 2) I'll take my review away from the thread and make it as an article somewhere else I told you via email that my review will be honest and unbiased but I really feel like i'm wasting my time in here. No kit will ever be perfect and this is one is no exception. It's a very good kit as I wrote in my review points but if you got a kit shipped to me so that I would ignore what is wrong and only write about "wow" and "incredible", I prefer to withdraw my review and give away the kit Choice is yours
  3. There was a vent on earlier versions that was designed to bring fresh air to the rear of the generator to deionize it but it was not the best option so on the G (and some late F) a duct was introduced to take air directly in front of the compressor blades (which the kit of course depicts). This is why this vent is not present on the G version The electric starter did not exist on the Me109. The electrical diagrams are 100% clear on this one. The 110 had it because there was more space and most restored/reconstructed planes have it because they don't have ammo boxes and it's convenient. And I'm sorry but I really don't see any vent hole on the bracket you are mentioning Edit : you are talking about the extra hole in the bracket holding the starter crank linkage ?
  4. OK. This is an Erla made G5 cowl. For some reason, an awful lot of them got produced and since not many G5 were produced, they ended up on Me109G6 and G14 The G5 was the pressurized version of the G6 and to achieve that, a compressor was bolted at the rear of the DB605 on the right side. This compressor was getting pretty hot when running and was equipped with cooling fins (like a radial engine). That vent was blowing air directly on the fins of the compressor while the extra "bump" was making room for the compressor itself and the fins So it's not a G6 standard feature at all
  5. I did As I wrote, right side is OK and left side is not because a breather line that is not connected to the breather outlet of the engine isn't going to breathe a lot And I still can't find a picture of a war time engine with the breather pictured in the kit but I think it's irrelevant for 95% of the people who will build this kit
  6. Radu, Everyone makes mistakes, we are just humans. It's OK and I found out that accepting it brings peace of mind You used the wrong DB drawing for the breather, it happens, it is still a great kit - relax
  7. So you can see why the breather fitted on the DB605A on the Me109G must have been the 2 outlets version The ZM kit provides the correct piping for the right side but the left side is wrong because it's missing both the second outlet and the portion of piping that connects the second outlet to the provided part (which as such would do nothing in a real 109G)
  8. The breather pipes go down vertically and split with one part going back to the valve cover and the other going to a dump vent in the wing root. Same for both sides except that the routing is a bit different but not much
  9. The engine plumming is kinda OK but stuff is missing, partly due to technical limitations, partly due to confusion (i think). The piping of the engine used for the Me109G are perfectly well documented, including the breather lines To your questions about the starboard side engine support frame starter: 1. Yes it was standard and documented in the spare part manual 2. There was no electrical started ever installed on war time Me 109G because there simply was no space for it with the ammo boxes so the crank handle link was always part of the installation 3. Can you put a picture of what you mean - you're not talking about the G5 style cowl by chance ?
  10. Review text will be compiled in a different way
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