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  1. Very nice. I like it a lot !
  2. Great job, keep going ! The most visible change that you can do is to not install the voltage regulator behind the pilot's head and replace the square bar between the vertical bulkheads by a tubular one :
  3. Seat with underneath armor missed out by Tamiya : The rear deck behind the pilot is also different on the VIII : Rear pneumatic controls and elevators : Fuel tanks selectors :
  4. More, showing the amount of change required:
  5. Hi Some pictures of my conversion. Virtually every part of the cockpit needs some change (even the instrument panel layout is different) :
  6. you can also add a letter to manufacturer's name
  7. Not much else to say but : EXTRAORDINAIRE !
  8. Another issue, not so important for planes but quite problematic for cars is the use of the company's logo on the finished model. If you make a model of a Ferrari car and call it "Italian 1958 sport car" on the box you are ok but if you provide a decal with the Ferrari logo, then you're in trouble. It is funny (in my opinion) how the manufacturers that were so happy to see their products reproduced as scale models, usually providing free assistance back in the days are now so reluctant. Not sure why
  9. Just one note about the belly ejection ports. They are not vertical boxes as you have represented but they have a curved shaped insert as well to deflect the spent cases rearward. Check the MDC ones i designed for inspiration :
  10. I must add : the shape of the part supplied by Aires isn't perfect, but that's the closest of the 3 (they are all wrong by the way) Vincent
  11. Hi Don't use that canon cover. It is for the Mk108 and i'm not aware of any G6AS/U4 Vincent
  12. Don't forget to modify the left wing root to accomodate for the displaced engine support lower torque link. The one thing i don't like with the Aires cockpit is that they totally screwed up the seat back rest...
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