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  1. Pity that the Barracuda covers bolts positions don't align with the kit's ones
  2. the canopies are retained by a MTT classical steel cable and spring assembly, like this : Pilot position : The canopies are hinged as follows. Front canopy has one pin into the windshield, the other pin is retained by the jettisonable middle assembly, like this : The second canopy has its front pin retained by the middle assembly pictured above and the rear pin is inserted into a hole at the base of the rear fairing
  3. Your 66 looks correct to me. There was no hint of blue whatsoever in RLM66
  4. it could be greenish, it could be bright yellow, it could be other colors as well. It was a RLM99 tint varnish. But i have never seen so green as on the modern museum reproduction. You can even buy a fragment here : https://www.ebay.com/itm/WW2-German-Wood-Radio-Mount-Fragment-6-Me109G-with-history-/231923815784
  5. Given the time and the fact that it is a prototype, I'd go with RLM02. Focke Wulf never used anodized metal anyways, only Junkers
  6. Hi The base of the belly loop antenna should be unpainted brown bakelite and the loop should be gun blued Vincent
  7. As i said, the molds are still at their place of production and you can bait that the kits will keep coming out. Easy way to pay your debts
  8. They are not really disc push buttons but the end of release lock is raised and serrated :
  9. If I may : the flexible portion should be more in vertical line with the loop, closer to the strut Like this :
  10. Your model your choice indeed. I will just point out that these a/c were operated from muddy forward airbases and their interiors got dirty pretty quickly, in a couple of weeks usually
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