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  1. When Hyperscale stopped being objective on product reviews, that was it for me, no real interest in it anymore. I do pass like once every 2 months to see if things have changed and as they don't, i pass V
  2. I tried using the same plastic as the kit it goes on, makes no real difference : the injection process is a temprature melting while the goo is a chemical melting. The plastic will be fully solid once every molecule of the softener has evaporated - and that can take a loooong time
  3. Yes, melted sprue is a really shitty way to do it. In my experience, i have seen that it can take up to 3 months for the goo to be solid again. I always go for CA and never had any issue rescribing through it V
  4. There was more than 1 color. Some were painted, some were anodized, some were even plum color...
  5. Yes, also the left one is the same as the Ta-152
  6. The Fw190D13 consoles are identicals to the Ta-152, right and left and are documented in an addendum to the main Fw190 D9/11/12 parts manual
  7. This one is a different story : the F/G additional covers were hydraulically operated and MTT never managed to get them to work properly (it's due to a pecularity of the hydraulic pump design of the Me 109 which also make the tail wheel a nightmare to retract) so the RLM rejected their installation but they were of course documented, should the RLM change its decision. When the K was designed, MTT was specifically ordered to use a mechanical operation for both the l/g additional covers and the tail wheel covers. But the pump issue came back to haunt the users in respect to the tail wheel and these were, just like on the G6, disconnected from the pump and left extended. The spring was installed upside down and kept the covers shut The Ta-152 part wise is a bit of a pain in the ass. The official Ta-152 parts manual is an addition to the Fw190D parts manuals. It says to basically use the 190D parts manual for the sections not covered by the Ta152 one. And the FW190D part manual is itself supplemented by a D13 parts manuals where the side consoles amongs other things are documented. The consoles are pretty clearly drawn in the D13 addendum and the left one shows clearly a "return" acting as a side guard. Maybe, just maybe, at the time the manual was created, that panel was supposed to be metal, not wood as it will turn out on the production models, and the return was just a bend... Also it must be noted that the surviving plane, as well as the B&W pictures are a preproduction plane. Could also be that the final console would have used a molded plywood with the return shown on the parts manual Good work on the model !
  8. The panel in the part manual is not going all the way down to the floor. It's more like a guard to keep the electrical connectors safe and seems to be "screwed" on from the top wood panel. Perhaps it wasn't ready when they made the first planes (?)
  9. The Ta 152 spare parts manual shows a panel on that location. It's removable but should be installed on a war time plane Vincent
  10. MG131 on the 109 G10 were electrically loaded, not pneumatically so only electrical looms going to them
  11. Here you can see the bottles in the wing and the refill point under the hatch (item 1 on the picture)
  12. Antonio : the stencil is at the correct position On the K4, the 2 compressed air bottles for the canon were in the left wing, inside what used the be the 20mm ammo bin
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