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  1. Funny... Where did you read me making that comment ?
  2. Over engineered is OK when done by Tamiya for example but I watched carefully Thunnus build of the ZM TA-152 and boy... I can live without pistons in an otherwise simplified plastic engine Tamiya will come out with a 1/32 Me 109G6. The only thing they did not tell us is when
  3. Bah, i can wait. I just don't see the point to lose my nerves on a over engineered kit that will not look as good as the Hasegawa kit once completed
  4. Dunno. Every kit manufacturer's release planner i had the the chance to talk to have told me the same : It's a fine balancing act between the subjects that will generate revenue over the years and the re-releases and subjects that might be a total flop. Usually developements costs are near the same in both cases so you can't have too many flops before the company goes belly up. The chinese availability of lower costs mold makers has eased that pain a little which we can see with the release of more and more obscure models
  5. Their demise is the proof that it was not business viable
  6. Personnally I'd rather wait for the Tamiya kit if it ever comes out. ZM kits are simply not my thing. The G6 version isn't that complicated to approach when you know a couple of details on how the production went. The Tamiya 1:48 kit only has one easily correctable mistake which was a 'oops' from their cad designer. Their 1:32 kit will be spectacular
  7. This one is the tank release T-handle, basically a bicycle cable releasing the hook jaw on the tank mount. It was painted red by the way
  8. I'm truly amazed by the trust you place in few pieces of painted plywood to make a decision for all painted Me 109s...
  9. Hi This panel has nothing to do with fuel, it is the bomb priming panel found on the JaBo versions of the Me109
  10. Wow ! I love to see my work put into so talented hands ! Vincent
  11. Pity that the Barracuda covers bolts positions don't align with the kit's ones
  12. the canopies are retained by a MTT classical steel cable and spring assembly, like this : Pilot position : The canopies are hinged as follows. Front canopy has one pin into the windshield, the other pin is retained by the jettisonable middle assembly, like this : The second canopy has its front pin retained by the middle assembly pictured above and the rear pin is inserted into a hole at the base of the rear fairing
  13. Your 66 looks correct to me. There was no hint of blue whatsoever in RLM66
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