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  1. Won’t be there this year, too much is going on with family and friends. Mike
  2. Next years convention is in Omaha, then it is in San Antonio. After that who knows but I suspect that it will be in the East for a couple of years, at least I hope so. Mike
  3. There are close to 600 pre-registrants for the convention. I am going. A lot of sight seeing on this trip. Looking to go to Nellis AFB also. Mike
  4. You did a great job! What did you do exactly to get it to look so good! Mike
  5. We should be on the seminar schedule for our LSP meet and greet. I requested a Friday morning time. Mike
  6. Got my kit today, only took 8 days. Haven’t had a chance to really look at it. Mike
  7. I got an email from Hannants today stating my kit has been dispatched. Mike
  8. Got my confirmation notice from Hannants. Waiting for it to ship. Got the plane and gunners upgrade set. Cost was around 102.00 euros with shipping. Mike
  9. Has anyone that ordered from Hannants received a shipping notice? Mike
  10. Looks likeHobby Lobby isn’t going to carry model master paints anymore. I bought some bottles for 99cents and sprays for $1.59. mike
  11. Avionics and the spine detail sets. Mike
  12. Are you planning any F-4 items in 1/32? Mike
  13. Registered yesterday, looking forward to meeting everyone. Mike
  14. Has anyone received this kit yet? Mike
  15. They have something like 509 people registered already. Mike
  16. Just placed my order at Hannants. Does anyone know when they will receive the kit and any idea on the shipping costs? MIke
  17. Going to be registering this week. Looking forward to this convention. I will be wearing my mask if I have too, got my shots so I am going, looking to having a great time and seeing my friends. mike
  18. Try tech mod, they have a couple of sheets.
  19. I will be going. Planning on a sight seeing vacation on this one. Mike
  20. Got my hotel reservations for Vegas and I am going to register on the April 1st. Planning on a few side trips to Zion National park and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon! Mike
  21. I can’t wait to get my hands on this kit. Mike
  22. When do you expect to get in stock the F-4 sets in 1/32 and how much will they cost? I am looking at a F-4E and F-4J. thanks, Mike
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