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  1. Well soldering brass tube and sheet is out of question cos no good tool and no expirience and think that i won't be precise ... glueing maybe but affraid that after some time of opening and cloing joint can broke ... so i got 1 more idea and i'll try it soon. if i fing good solution i'll post it here.
  2. I was thinking that should look something like this
  3. Hi.. i'm stuck on this step.. i have some ideas but all have some weak spots. Does anyone have some advice or does kno where to buy already pe sets ? Cheers Dragan
  4. i see.. but theese have opened holes if i see good ? [/img] [/img] [/img]
  5. 1st ... do theese holes need to be opened or closed ( saw both things on finished models and seams to some originals photos that they are sometimes opened ) http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/444/0002fuselage.jpg/ 2nd .. does anybody have good pics of compartment behinc pit? (radio installation,radio power instalation and so on ... ? ) Ty
  6. Tnx ppl.. hmmm not plumber more truck driver/light tech XD
  7. working slowly ( luck of fre time :-( ) but engine is 99% finished.. now working on pit Any help and suggestion is welcome
  8. Started dora month ago but cos of luck of time everything goin slowly . Sry if pics are bad quality but it is only camera that i could get these days :-(. hope that next pics will be much better
  9. Dragan


    does anybody have any good drawings that are food for scribing pannel lines and rivets ! Also i'm looking for good pics of engine that can be use for making fuel pipes and the rest of wires TNX
  10. here are also few interior pics http://www.revell.de/en/products/model_kit...?id=827&L=1 i heard that will costs around 35eu ... ??!!!???!!!
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