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    Alburymodeler reacted to LSP_Ray in Halberd Models Cavalier F-51D Mustang/ Mustang II Conversion for the Tamiya P-51D kit   
    Halberd Models Cavalier Mustang/Mustang II Conv
    Available on their eBay Store
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    Alburymodeler reacted to Darren Howie in Collective thoughts on the Trumpeter Swordfish   
    Except one us in 48th and one 32nd and as has been very clearly learned simply blowing something up to a larger scale is a far more complex undertaking than just copying.
    All panel lines, raised detail etc will be far far overscale and look horrendous if simply copied.
    Besides that a cursory glance at both the kits gives immediate huge differences in the look of the two kits.
    About the only similarity is they both look like Fairy Swordfish.
    Different fuselage designs, completely different style wings with completely different canvas effects.
    Not only are they not copies a quick look side by side shows they are not even distant cousins.
    I have even after sitting them side by side for under 2 minutes no idea how anyone could think one is a copy of the other.
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    Alburymodeler got a reaction from Paul in Napier in Border Model 1/35!!! New Bf-109G-6 and Ju-87G   
    Wouldn't that be stealing......?
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    Alburymodeler got a reaction from MARU5137 in Avro Lincoln - the Lancaster is too small!   
    I am not sure that the creases running back from the bomb aimers windows on the side, extend that far back. They seem to go about half way to the transport joint. But pretty awesome undertaking otherwise. 
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    Alburymodeler reacted to Erwin in Border Model 1/35!!! New Bf-109G-6 and Ju-87G   
    All the different scales are interesting if you want to make an airfield diorama in depth.
    Like in a "looking-box".
    Put a 24 th or 32 nd first,then 35 th,then 48 th,then 72 nd,and even finish with a 1/144 th model in line.
    This way you create a line of planes parked on the airfield.
    Starting with 24 th might be to much.It would be a very big looking-box
    Same can be done with figures,cars,control tower,etc...
    You could even have a couple of planes in the air by using only half a model in 72 nd or 1/144 th on a blue background.
    I often played with the idea of doing such a project with a line of Hurricanes or Spitfires.
    It never reached beyond that.
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    Alburymodeler got a reaction from florin13 in Suggestions?   
    He 112 and Wasp D-21 as well for me.
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    Alburymodeler reacted to PeterOlsen in 1:48 Eduard Bf 110E   
    Hi Folks, here is my WIP on my Eduard 1:48 Bf 110E. I picked up this kit when it first came out, around 2008 somewhere and I started work on the cockpit. Unfortunately, I wasn't happy with my initial work  so consequently it sat around unfinished and nagging at the back of my thoughts until recently when inspiration for the Bf 110 struck. It's a tricky little kit laden with challenges but definitely not without its merits and for Petes sake ( pun intended ) I just can't let it get the better of me. Besides, the stunning boxtop art and the chance to have a mottled finish in RLM 65, 02, 71 seemed to good to resist. 
    I'm sure most of you are familiar with this kit but never the less here is a picture of the box top lid.......
    Ok, so here is the forward cockpit in all its RLM 02 grey green glory. I used Gunze for the base tone with flat black pre shading to begin. There's and oil wash of black and burnt Sienna and the chips and scuffing were applied with  the sponge technique using Vallejo German Cam. black brown. As I mentioned previously, I wasn't happy with my first finish so a lot of reworking and blending was utilized with the above methods until I was satisfied.
    I also employed an edition photo etch set from Eduard for this kit to enhance some of the cockpit parts such as the throttle console, rudder pedals and Instrument panel.
    A shot of some of the rear and forward pit parts which includes the Quickboost ammunition canisters and radios. I had to saw off the Quickboost radios from their bulkhead as it was quite smaller then the kit part and I didn't want take any chances with fit issues. It was then just a simple matter of attaching them to the kit bulkhead with CA glue. I used the Eduard color photo etch I.P  from the kit but I didn't like the pixelated look of the color etched so I toned it down with several washes. I added some Future in the instrument lenses but its not really showing up in the picture to well.
    The two rear cockpit side walls, coincidentally I was happy with the way these turned out in my first workings.
    And finally, the rear cockpit floor assembly which happened to be quite fiddly but worth it in the end. I left out some of the forward ammunition canisters here and some of the lower ones had to endure some plastic shaving to get them to fit. I'm not sure if this was due to some misalignment of my own doing when I first started building this kit.
    Well, thats it for now and thanks for taking a look inside,
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    Alburymodeler reacted to Miloslav1956 in Duo Fw 190D-9 Hasegawa/Revell   

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    Alburymodeler reacted to Smokeyforgothispassword in Special Hobby Westland Whirlwind Mk 1   
    I’m torn with this one, whether to do it in a real scheme, or indulge in some wiffery and build it as a Reno racer... Looks like I’ll have to buy 2!
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    Alburymodeler reacted to Dpgsbody55 in Malta Spitfire Mk V   
    Sounds great.  If the build is half as good as your Mossie, it will be a cracker.  Pity about the dearth of Spitfire V kits though.  However, for the markings, I'd recommend you get hold of a copy of Brian Cauchi's book on Malta Spitfires.  Heaps of info, pics and drawings, and a good read too.  Lots of places you can get it from, but here's one.

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    Alburymodeler reacted to Kagemusha in Fokker D.VII fans rejoice! Seven Swabians (Sieben Schwabben) decals from Aviattic   
    Curiously the future releases on Hannants have disappeared, like the Cheshire Cat...
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    Alburymodeler reacted to upor in Lemkits 1:32 IL-10 "Beast" the first details of the new project   
    the first details of the new project Lemkits at 1:32 in front of you. And soon the "beast" will come out of the shadows).

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    Alburymodeler reacted to seiran01 in Fokker D.VII fans rejoice! Seven Swabians (Sieben Schwabben) decals from Aviattic   
    Well hell, I'm excited that Richard has finally announced the sheet! Wingnut's sold-out decal sheet has been selling on ebay for higher prices than some wingnut kits. 
    Available for sale directly from https://www.aviattic.co.uk/132-fokker-dvii-markings-sets.html

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    Alburymodeler reacted to Silver Wings in Yak 9 M/T Silver wings 1/32   
    Apologies for not replying sooner. We had some trouble with our computer equipment for over a week. We will share the build guide as soon as we catch up on orders and emails  Take care! Simon
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    Alburymodeler reacted to GrahamF in Big Brother? I am starting to wonder   
    Has anyone ever noticed having a conversation about a product and then noticed adverts appear on your phone? I have.
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    Alburymodeler reacted to blackbetty in Quinta Studio - 3D printed interior for NEW P-51D, Su-25, F-16C   
    my personal view is:
    1) i dont use things i can hardly see even with my glasses
    2) with my abilities cant assemble a kit that complements the detail on these, the rest would look like a toy
    3) the price is to high for me
    to each his own
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    Alburymodeler reacted to Jan_G in Infinity Models Aichi D3A Val - first CAD images   
    great to see progress on it Mirek
    camo included


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    Alburymodeler reacted to Jan_G in Infinity Models de Havilland DH.100 Vampire - first test shots   
    color schemes included in Vampire kit
    posted on Infinity web




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    Alburymodeler reacted to kkarlsen in Rumpler 6B.1 Floatplane (Kaiserliche Marine)   
    Seems like I've started another one on top of all of the others  maybe I need some kind of help?

    Well I think I need some time working on parts instead of painting. Sometimes I just get fed up with the airbrush.

    So, I've been working on converting the Wingnut Wings Rumpler C.IV (Early) into a 'Kaiserliche Marine' floatplane fighter.
    First up scratching floats for the build...




    The finished master, pure sheet styrene.


    Resin copy.


    Top wing and lower replacement resin wings.

    Fuselage cut up...

    Shortened fuselage...

    Fuselage put together again incl. the replacement Mercedes D.III engine.
    Obviously I've been at it for a while...
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    Alburymodeler reacted to Jan_G in Special Hobby Westland Whirlwind Mk 1   
    decals getting ready

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    Alburymodeler reacted to Jan_G in Special Hobby Westland Whirlwind Mk 1   
    another sprue test shot  posted on SH page




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    Alburymodeler reacted to Helmsman in ResKit stuff with photos.   
    As I promised some time ago, here are some photos of new ResKit stuff. Unfortunately, ResKit doesn't show its goods in their full glory but posts just 3D renders. So...
    1/32 Su-27 exhaust nozzles








    These nozzles measure 37.2 mm which perfectly fits Trumpeter kit.
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    Alburymodeler got a reaction from LSP_K2 in Special Hobby Westland Whirlwind Mk 1   
    Looks like we might get a few boxings, the clean "Cannon Fighter" and then a bomber version. All is good.
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    Alburymodeler reacted to Jan_G in Special Hobby Westland Whirlwind Mk 1   

  25. Haha
    Alburymodeler got a reaction from nmayhew in 1/32 D3A1 VAL?   
    How did we get from Kate to wanting an  Me 410 in just five comments? Is this a new record?
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