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  1. Yo m'sieur, quel bonheur de te retrouver aux affaires ! ! ! (au fait il est fini le F-18 ?)
  2. Hi Carl, http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=38672 Building this kit is explained in a Tamiya Model Magazine International number........ Cheers, Ed
  3. Hello, http://www.renaissance-models.com/ter/index.php/avions-toutes-echelles/echelle-1-32 Greetings, Ed
  4. I look forward to the Kilo, as may lead us to think the presence of the second air intake............ Is Glenn can inform us? Greetings, Ed
  5. Hello everyone! Please, pay attention gentlemen, my post does not assert anything and I am well aware that the angles of the photos are not identical .......... I'm not good at drawing as Gaston ...... I would expect to have purchased this kit to definitely be safe .......... (I look forward to its release!) Cheers Edward
  6. Hello ! Problem, or not (air intake) ?
  7. Excellent analysis, I think the same way that Fred! Do not forget the French version ! And especially correct errors kit scale 1/48th ! Je vote oui ! ! ! Cheers Ed
  8. OMG ! ! ! Amazing ! Any comment is too................. Congratulation ! Ed
  9. Hello Marcel ! Awesome ! It was a pleasure to see her the exhibition Neufgrange! Cheers, Ed
  10. Oh, on this model, it is not the bare metal the biggest problem ....... Cheers, Ed
  11. Hello Ollie ! Good luck for your built ! There is not be long I built this model.............. : http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=38672 Cheers, Ed
  12. Thank you Kevin. Now that's an old news I feel permission to publish these pictures....... Soon I will do things in the right order on LSP showing a work in progress. Topic: F 84 G Hobby Boss Patrol Delachanal (which will become the Patrouille de France). Cheers, Ed
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