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    Daywalker reacted to AlbertD in 1/48 Tamiya P-38H out..   
    I picked up the F/G version when they first came out. It looks like a great kit but I'll hold off on another Tamiya P-38 unless they do a J version.
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    Daywalker reacted to HL-10 in X-15 A2   
    Special Hobby's 1/32nd scale North American X15 A2
    Apart from a few scratch built additions in the cockpit, and a pilot figure from Shapeways (3D printed), it is an out of the box build.
    Various shades of black, dark greys, and metallic tones from various manufactures.











    Shapeways X-15 pilot.
    3D printed.
    The version I ordered was the "basic quality" one & higher quality versions are available, for an increased cost.
    This one was rough, but workable.
    Head/face replaced with a Hornet Heads resin item.
    He needed some adjustments to get a better fit in the chair & cockpit. 

    Thanks for looking,
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    Daywalker got a reaction from Jack in Ironic   
    Yep, have a kit of the car in my avatar but until I can get a front valance for it (the kit doesn't come with it) I'll keep waiting!
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    Daywalker got a reaction from LSP_K2 in Ironic   
    Yep, have a kit of the car in my avatar but until I can get a front valance for it (the kit doesn't come with it) I'll keep waiting!
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    Daywalker got a reaction from Bstarr3 in Tamiya 1/48 F-14A, Trans-sonic with vapor cone   
    I think it turned out really well, especially that head on shot!
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    Daywalker reacted to chuck540z3 in What happens to our models after?   
    Very good question- and very well written as well.  Some of my models took me 300-400 hours to build- each- so it would bother me if they were just trashed after I'm gone.  Having said that, for most of us, what happens after we're gone shouldn't really matter, because we're gone, finished, perished, croaked, and have generally kicked the bucket.  Why should we care then?
    I'm pretty sure my son and son-in-law will want a couple of them (and maybe a few grand kids later), which leaves about a dozen that will need a home, or the garbage can.  Should I be given sufficient warning about my ultimate demise, I will either sell them or give them away to someone or some entity, like a military museum, that will likely appreciate them and extend their life span.   Nothing lasts forever anyway.  These painstakingly assembled and painted plastic aircraft have given me enough joy that it doesn't really matter if they do wind up in a garbage can.  They have served their purpose very, very well.
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    Daywalker reacted to AlbertD in What happens to our models after?   
    My plan is to live until I build every last kit in my stash. Let's see, 300 years should about do. After that I guess they will end up in a land fill.
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    Daywalker reacted to vince14 in New HKM 1/32 model coming soon...   
    Meh. So after all 30 pages of speculation it turns out not to be a new kit, but rather a small part of an existing kit.
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    Daywalker reacted to vince14 in New HKM 1/32 model coming soon...   
    29 pages in, and all we've learned is that HKM are planning on releasing a 1/32 kit in July...which is exactly what we knew waaaaaaay back at post #1...
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    Daywalker reacted to seiran01 in 1/32 Fokker Dr.I from Meng   
    Storm in a D cup or tea cup?? 
    I dated a storm in a D cup once. Never again. 
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    Daywalker got a reaction from airscale in 1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"   
    Absolutely jaw dropping work here Peter, everytime I look in you are pushing the boundaries of scale modeling beyond what I ever thought possible. Also, didn't expect to see Solartex mentioned here, previously I had only seen that at the other forum I frequent. 
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    Daywalker reacted to MARU5137 in Pochta Rossiya WT....   
    and yet  life  rumbles on....
    I am sure they'll all arrive  by Christmas ....   2021!
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    Daywalker got a reaction from MARU5137 in Pochta Rossiya WT....   
    Same here, ordered some parts from Eastern Europe on April 27th, shipped the 28th and they arrived at the USPS in Chicago on the 30th of April.  Chicago is only two hours from me, but my parts are still sitting there since April 30th.
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    Daywalker reacted to nmayhew in New HKM 1/32 model coming soon...   
    Just get on and announce it for God’s sake.
    all this announcing an announcement is bs
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    Daywalker reacted to DrDave in Copper State Nieuport 21, Begemot decals   
    Finished as the aircraft of AM Larichev, 34th Reconnaissance aviation Otryad. North Caucasus. Begemot Nieuport 21 decals which are terrific.

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    Daywalker reacted to karimb in CSM Nieuport XVII Early, Matton   
    Haven't posted anything on LSP in a while as i have been using a different platform of late, so hello again!
    First go at a CSM kit and i am happy to say they are very well designed. All paints either a mix of Tamiya or simply MRP colors. Wood is all brush painted using Tamiya paints thinned with MLT and using Tamiya retarder to minimize the brush strokes. All markings custom masks. Weathering with AMMO products and pigments, pencils for some of the chipping and Abteilung oils. Turnbuckles by gaspatch and of course the tubing is all from Bob's Buckles








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    Daywalker got a reaction from Jennings Heilig in Gauging interest... 1/32 P-51D/K stencils - dry transfers?   
    I'd be in for three to four sets!
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    Daywalker got a reaction from MikeC in Tamiya 1/32 kits - working features   
    I also fixed MOST of the working features on my Tamiya builds save the movable propellers.  Ailerons, flaps, cowl panels - all of them fixed on the A6M, Spitfire, and Mustang.  DOn't remember any working features on the F4U.
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    Daywalker reacted to LSP_Ray in FM-2 Conversion of Trumpeter F4f-4 kit.   
    ...Or Tamiya!
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    Daywalker got a reaction from BiggTim in The quandary   
    Excellent choice! Okay, if you do build it AND are willing to part with the Jasta 6 markings, i know someone who would buy those from you if you're willing!  
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    Daywalker reacted to LSP_Mike in The quandary   
    That is my other scheme. I have two OAW Fokkers and those are the two.
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    Daywalker got a reaction from BiggTim in The quandary   
    I have been looking for that "Seven Swabians" sheet for ages, and at the prices they're selling for on Ebay I would say "Sell it!" And go buy yourself a nice car with the profits.
    But, if you decide to build it, and didn't plan on doing the "LUDE" scheme, I know someone who would HAPPILY buy the decals from that scheme from you!

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    Daywalker reacted to chrish in Saying goodbye to a Sweetheart   
    That sounds real clean!
    my last “muscle” car was a 440 6 pack Road Runner with headers and straight pipes...I could set off car alarms a block away with a toe tap!
    best was going up through the gears in underground parking lots, then a solid downshift and rattle windows and doors in the entry ways 
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    Daywalker got a reaction from HL-10 in Focke Wulf 189   
    Agreed, your paint work and weathering is fantastic, bravo!
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    Daywalker reacted to James Rademaker in Shipping from the US to Europe (or vice versa)   
    I can tell you from experience that the post office system in Chicago is one of the worst in the US. I have a son who lives there and when we send even a birthday card it’s sent two weeks in advance so he gets it on time or it’s late. Some items sent were never received and lost forever in that system. Good luck.
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