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  1. Me too, although the colorful schemes are unique I prefer the line jets every time.
  2. Love it, especially the weathering! Would really like to know how you did those exhaust stains- amazing!
  3. Very impressive build, love your paint work and weathering. Looking forward to seeing more photos of this beauty!
  4. That is really nice, beautiful build and fine choice of markings!
  5. Love the Sopwith Tripe, yours is a beautiful rendition.
  6. Wow Mike, that really is drop dead gorgeous! Beautifully built, masterfully painted and weathered to perfection.
  7. Thank you everyone for looking in, glad you enjoyed the photos! Hope to get more in the next week or two, and will update them here. Your feedback is very much appreciated.
  8. What an amazing kit, I am already looking forward to the next one. Not much to say about this one, other than with each successive release from Tamiya the kits get better. Very little AM is required on one of these, they are that good. The few AM bits I did use are resin wheels/tires from DEF Models, backdated engine bits from Barracuda, star decals from EE decal sets, and PE seatbelt buckles from Eduard. The "51" numbers were all painted with the aid of masks cut on my new Silhouette Portrait. I even used the kit masking sticker sheet, which if you take your time and use a new blade work
  9. Absolutely brilliant work Wolf, your builds are always packed with tiny details that one can spend hours looking for. I especially like the effects you have achieved in the area of the left engine cowling cowling which was removed, the staining where the two panels meet is perfectly done. As always, your build is nothing short of master class quality.
  10. Beautifully done, and masterfully photographed! Very unusual camo scheme, I can see why you chose that one. Love everything about this build, looks quite real in the photos!
  11. Bravo Darren, she looks absolutely gorgeous! Difficult believing you that this is your first Luftwaffe build in this scale, looks like you have been doing it for years! I think these two photos could be mistaken for the real deal, sure you didn't slip a couple of photos of the real aircraft in here?
  12. Amazing finish and paint work, my hat is off to you on this one! One of the finest Luftwaffe mottle paint jobs I have ever seen.
  13. Beautiful work Mal, sure am looking forward to seeing your work on this amazing kit! Those extra details you are adding really dress up the kit parts, especially the cowl flap details. REALLY looking forward to seeing how you did this, I modeled my cowl flaps closed only because I couldn't figure out a way to do what you just did.
  14. Brilliant start Peter, this kit is still one of my all-time favorites. I enjoyed every one I built (still have 12 in the stash to build ) !
  15. That is a stunning model, your airbrush skills make it look real!
  16. Beautifully done Dejan, she looks gorgeous! Love the family photo too.
  17. Indeed, most impressive build! Your paint effects over the wood decals really lend it a realistic finish.
  18. Sweet! Actually received my vol. 1 in the mail yesterday - think this has to be one of my new favorite reference books.
  19. Would LOVE to see these come to fruition, especially the deck crew.
  20. Very interesting build, who makes this kit?
  21. Geez Matt, that thing looks absolutely stunning! There are so many little touches to this build that together they are perfect! Add a period photo in the background and you could pass off the photos as those of the real deal. Jaw dropping work!
  22. Absolutely GORGEOUS work Mal, your finest hour and a treat to look at. What was your custom mix for the camo color? I do like how it looks.
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