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  1. VERY good news, hope to see some Camel decals from them as well in the near future.
  2. Missed this one first time around, stunning build!
  3. I have seen your work before Jerry, and while VERY good this is on a whole new level. VERY realistic, I too had to go back and look at some of these photos as I honestly thought they were photos of real life. You have really captured the "look" and it is pieces like this which leave me humbled by the vision and skill you possess.
  4. I think he is referring to photos of the Avis kit.
  5. Always a pleasure to see the FAA markings on a Corsair, nicely done Mark!
  6. Beautifully done, like the all of the extras you added to make this a current aircraft. I built 91-382 for the 55th a few years ago, sure would look good seeing them parked side by side.
  7. Wish I could help you with the drawings,, but sadly do not have any good ones for the DR.1. Could you use some intended for RC or FF, and modify those? There are a bunch here for free download, some more accurate than others. Outerzone
  8. Now THAT was an awesome build, like you I have been building more with wood lately than plastic.
  9. Beautiful work, love the wood effects especially in the cockpit. What colors did you use there?
  10. A blast form the past, thank you all for the feedback on this one, it is still my favorite build and sits prominently on the top shelf of my display case. It is one of those models that when I am having a difficult time with a build, I stop and look at it and it helps to recharge my energy. Thanks all for stopping in!
  11. To get a late Fokker D.VII, you could always trade that OAW kit of yours for my D.VII (F).
  12. Thanks Harv, it has been a while! Better than anything I have found, thanks John! Do you know where you found that one? Might be something else there that could help.
  13. Looking to add a little detail to the armored glass on my Tamiya F4U-1, and thought that adding the attachment brackets for the armored glass would help fill up this area. I can't find any clear shots showing what they might look like, anyone out there have any photos of this area? TIA!
  14. Here's a link to mine if you're interested, not even in the same ballpark as your build! I find myself staring at the photos of yours and seeing so many things I wish I had done differently. But that's okay, I just started another one of these kits this weekend!
  15. Amazing build, and truly a heart-warming story. I too was taken by both the paint work on the rubber fuel tanks and the wings. Thanks for sharing your recipe for the aluminum lacquer on the wings, will play around with that one on mine. Blue skies Roscoe!
  16. That is an impressive build, lovely work all 'round! I also like the tape residue effects over the gun ports, how did you do that?
  17. That is a very impressive build, especially the effects under the lozenge decals.
  18. Very impressive work on this one Jan, I too will be following along. How strong is that joint on the wing panels? With the embedded wire, it should be okay but I would be afraid of the joint cracking with any load on it. keep up the good work!
  19. Very impressive display, love the weathering on the Tomcat and the attention to detail. Five stars!
  20. Would love to see an E.V / D.VIII, Hanriot HD.1, Avro 504K and a Bristol Scout.
  21. Impressive start, really like the big Oshkosh trucks!
  22. I am DEFINITELY in for one of these! Any info yet on which schemes Eli is doing on his sheet? Really hoping for VFP-306.
  23. +1 Amazing book worth it's weight in gold IMHO.
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