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  1. The Dam Busters Battle of Britain Went The Day Well Sink the Bismarck We Dive at Dawn Where Eagles Dare Patton ....to name a few
  2. Hannants have just done a mail shot saying it is the WNW mold.
  3. Build going in with the Aires pit here: https://youtu.be/d05bpzlwBgA
  4. And the tail....don’t forget the tail.
  5. I just regret the ‘progress’ to bland, homogenised twin engine things. Growing up going to airports in the 70s and 80s there was a tremendous variety shapes and sizes.....now it’s difficult to tell them apart from a distance.
  6. It’s a shame he doesn’t post much on here anymore. I’m my mind he’s one of the best painters I’ve seen, especially as he uses (or used to) one of those plastic Aztec airbrushes which I just couldn’t get on with.
  7. I tried their sprue replacement service recently for this very reason and they didn't have it available any more. Someone could make money doing resin castings......
  8. Duxford by the looks of it.
  9. It looks 1/48 compared to that B-17 fuselage....that can't be right can it?
  10. Interesting video of the recovery of Flt Sgt Copping's P-40 from the desert. It show some of the original paint colours which will now, sadly, be lost forever.....
  11. Is there a chipping fluid with that will work with MRP or are they all acrylic only?
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