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  1. Max, you use the setting agent on the surface or on the transfer? Glad it's working for you!
  2. I just contributed to the cause. Just seems right for all Kevin has done for the modeling community. JC Osborne
  3. Welcome to the build! Looking forward to following the progress on this one.
  4. Teresa, Wonderful job! The paint on that is second to none. Something to be really proud of.
  5. Joe, Cockpit is really coming along nicely! Sometimes I wonder about our attraction to AM items...... You can do a whole lot with what comes in most kits. Nice work. Looking forward to seeing this progress.
  6. Hmmm Joe, I hadn't seen the Quickboost seat. Are the seatbelts molded on?
  7. Thanks Paul, I've been around some Vietnam era aircraft and have looked at a lot of photos. Maintenance was done under combat conditions and things were kept clean, but worn and faded a bit. That is the look I'm trying to capture.
  8. Joe, I actually started on the Aires, but switched to the Wolfpack. For me the pe seatbelts were a nightmare. They just didn't look right. On top of that the color of Eduards prepainted looked garish... Way too bright. I preferred the molded on seatbelts of Wolpacks. Side by side the wolfpack seat is a bit smaller, but looks ok once in the pit.
  9. OK, back from vacation and finishing the pit. A BIG THANKS to Kai for providing his step by step instructions in his F8 build thread on his cockpit weathering. These were invaluable to me. I used MIG pigments in dusting this up and I'm heading off to a graphic arts store today to get a selection of pastels as I think they will do a better weathering job in the future (finer grind). So have finished most of the pit, put in the MG and have started buttoning up the fuselage.
  10. Teresa, VERY nice build (Mig 21 that is... ) Love the cammo work. Great airbrush control. Looking forward to seeing this one finished. Very nice job.
  11. Very nice job on the OOB pit! Looks as good as any Eduard set.
  12. UPDATE: painted and installed avionics and wheel bays... painted exhaust cone. and say hello to my NEW FRIEND! Back to work on the cockpit...
  13. Kai, That is amazing work on a cockpit. In fact, it's the best looking modern day cockpit I've ever seen. Any weathering tips you'd like to share? I'm about to finish off my A-7E cockpit and will take all the advice I can. Incredible job.
  14. Very nice build! Love the detail. I've written down that formula for USN Killed White. Looks spot on.
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