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  1. Great work with the rivets. It does lend a new element to it that you can lightly sand the paint away to expose them. Matt
  2. Those are some agricultural gaps, good to see you getting past them. Already enjoying this project, the XII is such an underrated Spitfire variant. Matt
  3. It's about time. It's amazing that we've gone this long without a good 1/35 Apache. After decades of service, there's just been the ancient Revell 1/32 kit, and the inaccurate 1/35 Academy kit. Can't wait to see what Takom can do. Matt
  4. Great start on a great kit of a great plane. Looking forward to seeing the rest Mat
  5. Beautiful build of a beautiful plane. Amazing that we're getting so many high-quality D-9 builds all at the same time on here. Matt
  6. I think we're going to have to get the stick out and poke Anthony to see if he can get back to work on this one. Matt
  7. Great to see you back on this one Kev. Hope to see it cross the finish line soon. Matt
  8. Great problem solving on the vent there. Really enjoying these builds of the Viggen Mat
  9. You're some sort of magician/wizard/artist/craftsman, and I love every second of it. How do you thin out the contact cement? Or do you use it straight, and just apply a very thin layer? Matt
  10. Either way, I think it looks awesome John. Always enjoy your builds, and your willingness to explain your process for achieving these great results. Matt
  11. And those bits have been praised for their sharp molding and detail Matt
  12. And it showed. I have a couple of them, and they're really rough compared to what they're doing now. Matt
  13. Good progress on this! One quick thing, if it's okay. The vents on the wing were just fresh air, so they didn't have fluids or stains coming out of them. Usually, the stains came back from the engines, and went between those vents. Looking forward to seeing more. Matt
  14. Super clean and precise work John. Looks like it's almost ready for paint. I'm glad that you're deciding to keep the canopy open on this one. Your work deserves to be shown off. Matt
  15. Thank you for the explanation of your process, I appreciate the openness to help. I truly am blown away by the quality of this build, and can't wait to see what comes next. Matt
  16. Great update. The camo looks awesome, and the wear on the rivets looks spot-on Matt
  17. Always amazed by the micro-engineering that you're able to come up with. Beautiful details. I'm almost convinced you're building a real Corsair, and are just telling us that it's 1/18 scale to throw us off. Matt
  18. Lukgraph is also using CAD and 3D printing. As far as I know, HpH is still relying on old-school handmade masters. Matt
  19. Reminder that Z-M is part of a massive business empire that has the cash flow to go for high-end molding tech for niche subjects. Infinity is 100% part of a similar empire as Volks. Matt
  20. Very good paint work! Were you able to mask over the HGW elevators without too much issue to paint the yellow tail? Matt
  21. I don't know how you do it, but you find new ways to top yourself with each build. Just stunning craftsmanship Matt
  22. Great use of teamwork to get this project rolling again! Can't wait to see where this giant goes. Matt
  23. Great progress on a beautiful plane Max. Glad that there's companies doing these Silver era planes for us. Matt
  24. Hasegawa kits always seem to go the route of a bare surface under the guise of giving the builder a blank canvas. Just seems to be their philosophy. Matt
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