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  1. Very busy. A guy was selling WnW kits for $150-250, but required cash only, so I'm not sure if he made any sales. Tamiya was in the vendor area with samples of the new stuff, which was good. Matt
  2. That is a Rod Bettencourt question, as there were his builds. Matt
  3. It did not. Could have just been that they wanted to fill the table? It was a nice build, although I'm not sure about the rain marks on the fuselage. Matt
  4. The weathering done via splatter mask might be what's throwing you off. That was an interesting choice though. Matt
  5. https://mattrobeson.smugmug.com/OrangeCon-2022/OrangeCon-2022-Photos And here's the link to the entire gallery for those interested in seeing the rest Matt
  6. Not to be outdone by the He-111Z, someone also showed up with a scratch-built 1/144 Tantive IV Blockade Runner, with lights and all.
  7. The star of the show was definitely this beautiful 1/32 He-111Z scratchbuilt conversion. I took way more photos than I can post here, I'll include the full gallery at the end.
  8. Our own Dandiego's wonderful vac/scratch-builds
  9. Yesterday afternoon, IPMS Orange County hosted OrangeCon at a new venue this year, a DoubleTree Hotel in Buena Park, CA. Nice venue, very close to everything you need. Lighting was a little strange, coming solely from the chandeliers. Caused the white balance to get weird on a few photos. Tons of great models on the tables in all scales. Mine didn't do well, but that's the nature of the game sometimes.
  10. For those interested, here's some pictures that I grabbed of the F-35 kit at OrangeCon. My full show report will be coming later. Matt
  11. Italeri just released an F-35B kit in 1/48 Matt
  12. Feels like we've been waiting for this thing since the dinosaurs roamed the Earth. At least it's finally happening. Matt
  13. Great little build there Ben! Always look forward to your projects. Matt
  14. Only thing they've announced so far is the F-35A. Matt
  15. I'm happy with the F-35. Especially with Tamiya engineering and design. Matt
  16. Honestly, can't wait for this one. No way to display a full Lanc anywhere, but the nose only kit will fit perfectly in a display case. Matt
  17. Most of these early jets are sorely lacking on the market. Would love to see a Cougar, Panther, and Tiger kit. Not to mention a Banshee, FH-1 Phantom, a Fury, and... Matt
  18. Great update John. Always enjoy following your painting process, it's always informative. I like the Gunze Mr. Super Metallic colors, they seem a bit sturdier than the Metal Color ones, and don't need buffing afterwards. The Metal Color Dark Iron though is awesome for engines and guns. Matt
  19. I think I used a set when I did my Hawk build many years ago, I think there's some small mods needed to make Hawk seats. Something about removing bits from the sides of the head boxes. Matt
  20. Geez, looks like you'll need spreaders on both ends of the fuselage to get it even close to fitting. Does seem like a challenge, but you can handle it Rick. Matt
  21. Looks like some spreaders in the fuselage will be needed to get those trenches to close. Wonder if the floor will be wide enough to solve it? Matt
  22. That happened to me just last week. I forgot how annoying resetting all of the auto-pay stuff is with the new numbers. Matt
  23. Just glad to hear that you're both okay after the accident. Modeling is really secondary to that. Matt
  24. Good to see you back at it with a new project Rick! I'll be following this one for sure. Matt
  25. Very nice work. I'm guessing the silver front is foil? Very pretty cowl ring. Matt
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