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  1. Taking 2-3mm's section out of the intake, along with some careful carving and shaping allowed me to actually slide the intake mouth over the end of the intake trunk finally without any protruding lips or unsightly huge gaps. I'm within a small amount of putty, and pouring white latex housepaint to smooth things out to have a smooth intake now. Whuf, I cannot believe the original Hasegawa boxing of this kit was this far off,.....but the original kit is pretty old and maybe that's just how it was? Dunno. OK, major accomplishment getting the intake lip in place, and
  2. This is the backside of the intake trunk. I had to re-sculpt/re-drill/and re-build every one of those formers, as none of them fit. It was at this point I had the epiphany that this kit is much like a very limited-run kinda build that appears very clunky, but is basically all there if you throw the directions away and just carve everything to fit. That 'keel' running thru the landing gear bay originally stood about 3-4mm proud of the bottom of the fuse and had a corresponding gap between it and the engine housing. Yikes! Careful shaping brought everything to where (I think) it shou
  3. Didn't have to look too far before I found more flash/sink marks/and miss-aligned locator pins than I could shake my boney fist at. I'm not into bashing kits, or making anything look bad....so I'm not going to show any 'before' pics. This is about an hour and a half of Dremeling/sanding/whittling and a zillion test fits to get to this stage. I had to section out about 2-3mm from the upper/lower 1/2's to get the diameter down enough to fit the inlet compressor blades on one end....and the intake mouth on the other. This is still roughed out for test fitting into the fuse, which highli
  4. Another mod I'll be doing is extending the parachute housing at the base of the tail. Quick check to see if the fin is basically correct in outline. Not too bad, I can work with this! I'll put that on the back-burner too, as I'm out looking for trouble and the place to find it is usually around any kind of intake.
  5. After twisting on those for awhile, and shaving edges to get them where they'll actually sit sorta flush with the fuse.....I decided to look at the elevators I'll need to enlarge. The kit pieces actually fit over the plans for the earlier versions really well, but I think I'll do those later.
  6. Heh heh, I'll probably end up giving this to one of those neighbor kids Karl! This one won't have a bit of detail, except whatever it comes with. Egads; it's going to be tough enough just getting what I have together in a semi-believable fashion. I have yet to have even one piece fit! That's OK, for the price....I don't mind doing some grinding and filling. I'm gonna use Texas' battle-cry of; "Just get er done"! Enlarged some plans to see if this was even a reasonable facsimile of an F-16A, and was wildly surprised to see it conform very well to the outlines. Whoohoo
  7. Lovely work Marek! Keep it going dude, this is looking very cool! Russ
  8. Looking very nice Ron! Can't wait to see the next updates!
  9. Whoah! That's awesome Jack! What a gorgeous aircraft,...and one you don't see modeled often at all. Very, very nice.
  10. Go Dave,...GOOOO!! Wow, you're really close to having this one knocked out, eh?! Looking good buddy, looking forward to the next progress pics.
  11. Something a wee bit bigger. Got a larger fish to fry now that this GB is going to be closing. Thought ya'll would like to see a kinda neat size comparison. Can't wait to see what the next GB ends up having for a theme, but until then....everybody can find me over in the 'Stalled Projects' area winding up a few loose ends like this. As always, a big THANK-YOU to LSP for giving us a place to whack things together and show some fuzzy pics.....along with having a major hoot doing it! I take my leave now, and hope everybody joins the carnival in the next GB that gets voted in. This
  12. Aaaaand, last pic of this series. Lotsa fun,.....but time to move onto something else for a change.
  13. Whahahahahaha! Alright!, Came screeching up into the drive-way on 2 wheels at the last moment.....but I've finally tussled this lump of plastic into submission. FINITO! Tired of taking pictures of this splotched-looking old thing, so these are the last before it gets booted out the door with nary a bit of pomp tomorrow. Always wanted a G-4 night-fighter version of this aircraft, and now that plateau has been scaled. Satiation at last. I'm going to let LSP_Dave wade thru this slide-show of crappy pics to choose any that might be salvageable for the gallery(he's very good a
  14. And last pic before I do a bit of weathering before a clear flat coat to seal it all up. Should have some more pics later on tonight with the canopy finished off, some exhaust stains, and most of the remaining antenna afixed. See ya'll then, eh?! Later, Russ
  15. I already had a few extra NJG-1 'diving eagles onto England', and 87 octane yellow triangle fuel designation decals,..... so there was no need to waste time drawing those up. This is how everything turned out. Drat it all, my camera focused on the fuse and I didn't get a very clear shot of my kill markings. Meh, I'll show them better later OK?
  16. I had another short-sheet that I printed out in white decal paper for the crosses, kill-markings, and swastikas 'n stuff that had a white background. This looks white, but is actually done in clear.
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