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  1. A picture is worth a thousand curse words. Scratch build radiator time. Radiators on a Mk14 set of plans. Hmmm. Radiators need to be shaped slightly different, and about 3/16th" deeper. Tonights project.
  2. Moving on to the wings. This was my first big "uh oh, sphagettios(?)" moment. After cutting out the oil cooler/radiator, and taking a spare radiator off another kit, well..uh...it didn't work. Radiators on a set of Mk9 set of plans. These will go on the Mk.6 bubble top version I'll be making with all the pieces that are left over from this kit bash. I hate to waste good parts. Blaaasttttt!!!!
  3. Moving on to the fuselage, here is the correct broad chord fin I will be making. Profile is a bubble-top Mk.14, but will work for now. Oh yea, FYI, I put the Matchbox/Revell Mk22/24 fuse up next to these plans, and they lined up nice.(cept the rudder of course.) Also, I was able to zero in my engine length, and panel lines using this profile. I'm within a 1/16th".(yes!) This is going to be a hoot!
  4. Ooookay! I'm back as promised, with some plans...A plan...and an epiphany!! Thanks for kind words first of all, much appreciated. Loic, thank you for your very kind offer, might take you up on it, be forewarned! hah! After doing an all-night research flog, I have a squadron(or 2?) picked out and a paintjob.(uh, shoulda done this first?). Also realized I was looking at pics of Mk.12's, not 14's. Dooohhh! This would be a much easier conversion for a Mk12. No elevator mods, radiator/oil cooler same as Mk.5, and a pointy rudder. Just plug a Griffon on the front, with a small bump on
  5. That's an awesome weathering job! Very, nice.
  6. Gorgeous! My favorite aircraft of all time. You've really done an outstanding weathering job. The mottleing came out perfect! Very, very nice.
  7. Sweeeet!!! Nice and colorful. I've never seen one built with the air filters like that. Nice touch! Russ
  8. Thanks Dave!, Fit really isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Not having a detailed engine, and a pilot in the cockpit will really knock down on the time needed to build this brute. I agree,..clipped wing it'll be. This version of the Griffon was rated as a low/medium altitude stop-gap version so the clips would be appropriate. Here's another angle. I'm actually working on the wing underside first, re-doing the radiators. The larger air intake is attached to the engine "pod". I'm enlarging some side views tomorrow to make sure I get the engine "stretch" the correct length. Only have
  9. Thanks Denie & Kevin! Ya know, it was you who inspired me to push my "comfort zone" Kevin?! I usually have a stack of reference material before I even start, but I thought I'd show some cheek and do something outside my envelope. I can see why Spitfires are so poular...this thing has some LINES to it. Smiles at ya like a pretty girl. Super aggresive looking with that MOTOR on the front. I'm in love Now if I could just find some reference pics of a Mk.XIV in late war colors/squadron codes!!!! Seems like I see them all the time, but now that I need them...where'd they go? Russ
  10. Okay, First attempt at posting pics. Whew! Hasegawa Mk.VI HF fuselage, with Revell/Matchbox Mk.XXIV(?) "power egg". These Roman numerals get confusing! Research shows MK.XIV's had a MK.VIII fuse,(retracting tail wheel). Also don't know if it has 5-4-3 spoked wheels. Not sure if cockpit is pressurized? Already started on tailwheel, and underside radiators and pointy rudder. Used the larger air intake for the Griffon. Will have a Master Details resin pilot...these are nice. As far as I can tell with limited library on Spits, I have a multiple choice of wing types and tips. Hmm,. Ki
  11. Hello All, New Guy here, and I think I'll join this group build with a late war clipped wing Griffon engined Spitfire. Always wanted to try this conversion, but I'm "Spitfire challenged" and have NEVER built a Spitfire before! The learning curve looks to be steep. I started cutting plastic on friday night, and have it pretty well roughed out. Far enough along to take some pics tonight, and post them once I learn how! Hope this build won't be too boring, as Spitfires are pretty popular. Pics later on tonight. Later, Russ
  12. Cool!, I just got this kit, and I'm really interested in how well it builds up. RAF camo will look sweet on the jug. Good choice.
  13. Hah hah! That's classic Kevin! I just got my first REAL scriber last week and I'm going thru that exact scenario right now! Really like how you take the old kits on. Always wanted to do the BF-109E, but never got one. Was a real eye opener seeing how "dimensionally challenged" this one really is. Still want to do one...but I'll wait and see how you compensate with this build. Can't wait to see what operational squadron/colors you'll decide to paint it up with. I'm going to be lurking over your shoulder watching this one go together. Looking sweet! Russ
  14. Good job Loic! Always wanted to do this conversion too, but always chickened out. I am following this buid-up with much interest. Can't wait to see how your cockpit turns out, that's some nice scratch building! Russ
  15. Hello!, I got a late start reading this thread cause I'm so new.(finally get to post for the first time tonight...yeayyy!) Very nice build sir. I read your thread on your Zero build too. Really admire the way you're always pushing your "comfort zone" and learning new techniques constantly! Really enjoying watching this kit go together...thanks for sharing. Russ
  16. Looking forward to seeing pics of this build! Seen some cool paintjobs on some of these. Are you going to scratch the flame dampeners? Can't wait to see what other mods you've got to do for this variant. Yes! Russ
  17. Wow!!, Thats something you don't see detailed everyday. Whoa.
  18. Thanks for the link! Answered a question I had about kit specified wheel well colors and such. Didn't think they were zinc chromate, but it's hard to find color pics of an unrestored Bearcat. Also nice he pinned down the correct version(nose cone) of the R-2800 for the -1 early model. The kit comes with 4(!) different types. Nice to know this kit is dimensionally correct too. Again, thanks for the excellent reference!
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