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  1. Most impressive, the coloration of the tires and fenders is incredible.
  2. Martinnfb

    F4U-5N, Guy Bordellon, Korea 1953

    Looks fantastic Karl.
  3. I recently realized that i run out of 262s, need to het one single seater soon
  4. Martinnfb

    Revell Me-262 Kanonenvogel kit - any good?

    As I said , for me it's a template and price of the shipping will do , I wish I can bring it to Phoenix, but the chances are slim. cheers M.
  5. Martinnfb

    Revell Me-262 Kanonenvogel kit - any good?

    Hi, Tim. If you can wait I can pass you that set from Carl. I am gonna use it only as a guideline for my own conversion. And yes, I am awesome LOL Carl as well
  6. Martinnfb

    Hasegawa N1K2 George

  7. Martinnfb

    2018 IPMS Phoenix Convention

    Maru, does it mean that we are starting drinking at 10AM? In 40 C heat? ..... hardcore
  8. Martinnfb

    RAF at 100

    There are few things that makes England awesome. RAF is one of them. Thanks for sharing the videos guys.
  9. Martinnfb

    Finally some answer to air rage

    Oh I just realized that the video I watched related to the incident on board Hawaiian Airlines wasn't related to the article about Delta Airlines. Nevertheless there is no place for violence in settings as such.
  10. Martinnfb

    Finally some answer to air rage

    This clearly demonstrates the situation in the industry. Passengers are handled like a cattle, forced to take less for more , every year. Crews are stressed and underpaid and here is the result. I am not advocating for misconduct of any kind , just pointing out the obvious. Air travel is becoming traumatizing experience for everyone. And that violent douche just hurt his family, Hawaiian Airlines should ay his wife for a good divorce layer. I wonder where were the air marshals ?
  11. Martinnfb

    Hasegawa N1K2 George

    Nice work on blending that gun panel Kevin, it is a tough spot to fill and sand. Smooth as silk !
  12. Martinnfb

    Ebay deal today

  13. Martinnfb

    Zoukei Mura in 2018

    It sags a little, so you can mix it with baby powder.
  14. Martinnfb

    Ebay deal today

    Dogs are awesome creatures, autistic or not , gotta love them This is what I did yesterday. And it is all your fault Phasephantomphixer