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  1. Hawseholes installed. No ship shops, so air intake the hard way.!!!!
  2. While I am waiting for paint to dry. Sorry no movie of paint drying. Hawseholes.
  3. From bicycle spoke nipple to lamp stand in one easy Unimat! Envisioning that the grey is anti-slip paint. Need to add the funnel strips. And repaint one part on the other side, masking tape pulled the paint off. Shocking.
  4. Back again. Too much RV White. I am thinking of Black Band on stack and rail, but seem that this might not be enough to tone it down. Below is their image suggestion, But I had a lot of RV White paint.
  5. Added extra detail, because a boat needs to move. Putting up the railings, this was the easy curve the back was the worst. Had to make new parts with leftover pieces. Solution to rudder hatch for future R/C. Steel and Magents. I still need to find 1mm plywood and prop shaft. And wood for the railings.
  6. Update. Deck laid and clear coated. Rubber cover created. Next on the list is to level the deck vs the cabin, somehow it is a bit off. And maybe add rivets to the frame on the deck. Then start bending wood around the back of the ship.
  7. Template for deck support. Deck sub floor and a few clamps. And one problem that my brain did not see while following the instructions. The access to the rudder is completely covered. I am going to have to make a hatch, this should have been in the instructions, in English.
  8. Pretty much into it already. Using original Gorilla Glue and Carpenter glue. Next is to template the deck and then glue strips on the template. First have to cut the second bulkhead as it is not cut correctly since new.
  9. I think Mark got it. Makes sense. It is translated from Dutch in 1970, so a lot can be vague. Thanks Everyone for contributing.
  10. Thanks. I have been on here for a long time, just never have much to say.
  11. Hello. I am building a vintage DMI Samson Tug kit. I am stuck on a word in the instructions. If anyone can help it would be appreciated. Here is the lines in the instructions. "There shall be no deck under the cabin and engine-room. Start along the two 5X5 mm strips and glue strips on moving towards the rail. Then glue lists on the fore and aft deck. To strengthen the ends of the fore and aft deck, respectively, glue 5x5 mm strips twarthships under the deck strips" I am stuck with the word "lists" and "twarthships" This is a link to someone that built it already. Linky
  12. This might help. Do you have subscriber number? https://www.jacklin-uk.com/modelspace/
  13. Maybe this will come in handy. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/84/Bf109E_3Seiten_neu.jpg
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