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  1. those look fantastic Radu...much better scale like appearance to them.
  2. looks really nice Derek. actually,the Japanese aircraft (Ki-61) looks like the Heinkel.
  3. Looks awesome Jerry....nice to see you parting out the mold making too so you have more time to model.
  4. Stunning paint work......subtle and realistic.
  5. Looking SWEET! Nick,,,,looking forward to the finished article.
  6. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I better not let my wife see this. She will make me burn my kit-stash.
  7. Very nice looking set indeed,cant wait to see how you progress on this one.
  8. Looks great to me John....nice paint m8. Cheers Randy
  9. That is a work of art Max.I have the old Heller version of this kit,(with a severely warped lower wing),and this makes me want to get back on the horse.
  10. Very sharp looking Stang. Nice job!
  11. This is looking fantastic Phil. I love the oil staining effect you have achieved. Top Notch!
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