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  1. A good quality 1/32 T-38. An incredible array or makings, across a wide number of users and Aerobatic teams. NASA, foreign jets, test pilot chase, Fighter lead-in, Aggressors - the list goes on. Plus a whole lot better than the goofy T-2 from the Navy...
  2. Exceptional - on every level, by any standard. Well done!!!
  3. Here's some pictures that might help with your seat height reference. Regards, George
  4. To tag onto what Jennings said. It's never all one or another. It's multiple combinations of years of use, repaints, repairs, spills, leaks - on and on. In my 35 years of military / airline flying, I've seen every possible combination from decades old, to being on the line for only a week. One thing that many, many modelers over-do (in my opinion) - is the way too liberal over-use of Christmas tree colors. Here's some pictures of my old T-33 taken in 1986 showing all manner of use and wear. It's not about getting the exact color right - close is certainly good enough. It's about giving it the "lived in look". Not ready to be scrapped - but the work horses they are. One of my first surprises was when I was flying an A-10 that had just come back from full Depot overhaul - and the cockpit looked liked crap - it really surprised me. They fix what's wrong with it - and that's it - they're not concerned about making it pretty.
  5. Chuck - great build! I've never been that big a fan of Future. Are you using anything to thin the X-22 with? Any particular techniques you'd like to share - how many coats / time between / psi you use? Thanks, George
  6. Thanks Gary - I was referencing the tread on this started back in February where you mentioned that you might do metal legs for the Revell kit. The wheels look very nice.
  7. Gary - what is the metal made out of? I've got some of the S.A.C. sets - but they seem to soft and "bendy". I personally like the G-Factor sets due to their better strength. Thanks, George
  8. I distinctly remember the 1/32 Hasegawa F-86 in my local K-Mart in the mid-70's. I remember it because of the gold tone of the jet on the box - and it was way out of my price range. I went to USAF Basic Training in '79, and in our "Common Room" - there were quite a few models hanging from the ceiling - including the very distinctive 1/32 Hasegawa F-104. I've been building since a kid - so I was always paying attention to that. Later, in Tech. School (Sheppard AFB, TX), one of the NCO's set up a room with a large ongoing diorama of an Air Base - with building models offered as something to do in our off time. Always thought that was a nice set-up.
  9. I have no association with Hobbylinc - but here's a great price on the 1/32 F-104A/C - $69.98 The decal sheet by Cartograf is beautiful, and this is the cheapest price I've seen on these kits anywhere. Here's the link; http://www.hobbylinc.com/htm/ita/ita552504s.htm Merry Christmas, George
  10. I responded to Chuck on his build over on ARC, but I'll say it again here, I've spent a lot of time around A-10's, and this is the nicest I've ever seen. The other thing is that to truly appreciate all that went into it, you've had to wrestle with one to really understand what an undertaking it is. Once again, superb job Chuck
  11. 1/32 T-38. Geez - if they can make a T-2... Thunderbirds, NASA, USAF, US Navy, Aggressors, Lead-In Fighter Training, SR-71 / F-22 companion trainers, and tens of thousands of USAF pilots trained on them. All colors of the spectrum and everything in between. One of the most popular jets ever flown by its pilots. It's really hard to believe it hasn't been done in this scale. Hitch
  12. Harold really did an awesome job on those wheels - and my deepest thanks go out to him again for his help. For anyone interested in most USAF later T-33's - those wheels are required. The "wagon wheels" that come in the kit aren't even close. Here's a picture I took at Tyndall in 1986 on my airplane for reference. [/url]">http://http://s75.photobucket.com/user/GEH737/media/T-33/24_zps83d189af.jpg.html'>
  13. Nice work - one thing that stands out to me is that the red fuel vent on the aft fuselage is backwards - easy fix. Always great to see the mighty Thud built up Hitch
  14. Thank you guys - it's a pleasure to look in at the work shown on this forum. Some very talented builders here George
  15. Hi Phantom - the Hog engines I was referring to are going to be put out by Mike at "Sierra Hotel" - I saw them at the Orlando IPMS show - and they look really nice. I still feel the Squadron Vac. canopy didn't fix the angle problem - which visually (to me) was more of an issue. With masking and tedious sanding, I was happier with working the kit canopy. Neither was an optimum solution - and I wrestled with that issue for a long time. The ECS ducts were still there in August 1990 when I took these pictures - about a month before our Squadron left for Saudi Arabia and Desert Shield / Storm. The Hog had a great A/C system - and it was always appreciated. It didn't have the "ball cooler" vents like the Eagle did at the time - but I don't remember anyone ever complaining about it. I took these pictures in August 1990 at England AFB of 82-0665. Regards, George
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