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  1. Saw this picture while faffing round online and after seeing the up coming pics of the new 1-32 B17. Anyone feel brave enough to give this a shot? http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/68/Pratt-Whitney_T-34_B-17_testbed_NAN10-50.jpg Obviously credit Wiki for the image.
  2. Any chance of some box and part pictures?
  3. Just saw this one...how is the build going? My dad had jumped off a few of these during UDI. Be interested to see how it comes out.
  4. Stunning visuals of the B17 against the AZ desert. Thanks for the link.
  5. So far I have had a great time looking through the database on all of the kits available. There is one filter option which might be interesting if it could be added: is there anyway to filter by date released? I am thinking mainly of being able to pull up the most recently available kits that have just been released. Just a thought.
  6. So I just tried the above techniques on my Academy F16, which for the record has some scary seams. When I got the kit I originally thought mine had been horsed up when i saw the seam on it. So it has been sitting in my stash for about a year till I read this. So I ventured to Walworlds fingernail section and purchased an interesting looking emery board with 8 levels of sanding. Using the 6 lightest I got most of the seam off and then it polished up to almost clear without any Klear. No pun intended. Very easy, but just had to keep the surface clean of plastic particles as they built up. Will be dipping in clear tomorrow to see the final result, but it looks good so far. Great tips...thanks guys.
  7. I built the RoG Hunter up about 6 months ago into a Rhodesian bush war model, and I struggled a long time on the intakes and body area. Watching how you did yours think following the instructions was not the best idea. The rest of the fit was great though. Neat camo scheme. Will be watching closely.
  8. Thought I would put up some pics of my Airfix 190 I built before christmas. I had been dying to build this model since I was whippersnapper, and managed to find this for a bargain on ebay. I did not realise the joy of building 20 year old styrene till I tried to make this thing fit together. This was very nearly consigned to garden via the window a few times but a tube of squadron white putty later I am relatively happy with the result. Nothing as professional as some of the builds I see but I am working to it. I went with a Russian theater plane as I wanted to try the dirt white scheme. Close second was an African sand/grey scheme. Maybe next time. Trying to figure out how to add some more pics on the same page. Apparently not the best blog/poster either.
  9. Just doing a cursory glance to see how this one finished? Is it in the "get to at some stage pile"? Nice job on the masters btw. I have just pulled my 190 out of the stash and looking with amazement at the size of the gaps in the joins. Aye carumba.
  10. Looking great so far - nice work on the tub. Did you say you were going to rescribe the whole plane?
  11. Yak-38 - what an esoteric subject. I will be watching this one with great interest. Entirely scratch built - dang! Break out the balsa!
  12. When is the next installment - I am waiting hooks here ! I have the same kit ready to roll once I have moved house and this will be the guide for sure. I need my 1/24 190 fix! By the way, it is looking great so far.
  13. The Stuka is looking great - I have a RoG 1/32 with the same markings and I am now itching to get to it. Can't wait to see the snake on the plane. (Bad pop culture ref there)
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