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  1. Sorry. Pressed the wrong button. Anyhoo! Firewall detail needs a lot of work if you're showing the engine. Wheel bays have no detail Gun bays have no detail.
  2. Thanks Steve, I managed to find Vasko's site. Don't see any mention of the control column but I've found the seat. I'll get that ordered.
  3. Hi Edgar, Really? I must admit that I was wondering what they were. I have the Trumpeter MkVb and I had noticed that those parts were absent on that kit. I take it that these are what you are referring to? Consider them ripped out sir!
  4. As some of you will know, I'm building Airfix's big ole 24th Mk1 Spit and I've just taken delivery of Trumpeter's Mk5. After 3 days of searching, I've only managed to locate a set of Contact Resine wheels and some PE harnesses from Eduard. I can't find anyone doing the MDC/Warbirds Seat and the Trumpeter seat is awful! If any of you know any suppliers I'd be well pleased. Preferably in the UK, but not vital. Thanks guys
  5. Guitar String? Man, that's genius! Wish I'd thought of that. As a solution to the wanting to spring back into shape, you could try annealing it. Wrap string around a metal former and blast it with a blowtorch. Once it's cherry red, dunk it some water and it should hold its shape (in theory). Don't hold me responsible for melted stuff though
  6. Hi Guys, Bank Holiday weekend so I managed to get a fair bit of work done. I've done a bit of scratchbuilding on the cockpit. Not too much, just enough to bring a bit of life into it. Most of the work went into the flaps/undercarraig lever thing, totally scratchbuilt. I think it may be a bit overscale. I'm not too worried since it doesn't look too bad when the fuselage is closed up. Time to slap on some paint. Dave
  7. Dammit Man, that's a fantastic engine! Just when I think I'm doing a decent job, along comes somone with a picture like that Oh well, we live and learn. I'm now off to completely redo the firewall and engine mounts. Then see if my weathering skills are up to the job. I hope you don't mind if I "appropriate" some of your tricks in mine?
  8. OK, I've managed to paint the engine and get it mounted. Not sure about the firewall though. I'm probably going to redo all of the wiring in there. Anyone got any decent references? From the photographs I've got, the plug leads were all wrapped in a corded cable, kind of like the stuff on an iron (not the soldering kind) So, I've tried to replicate that as best I could. Still got a fair bit of tidying up to do in the engine area, but...... Next step - the cockpit.
  9. Hah! Never thought of that... Dave'll do.
  10. Hi everyone, This is my first project which will be open to public scrutiny so be gentle. I'm building a model of Archie McKellar's Mk1 Spitfire of 602 (City of Glasgow) squadron. Looking forward to seeing what you think as the build progresses, I'll be asking questions so pay attention at the back Feel free to point out any glaring innacuracies, that's one of the main reasons for posting the build. Started with the Merlin. I'm trying to give a fairly accurate representation of the engine, hopefully, it'll work out nicely. Still got the painting to do.
  11. Ahh, fair enough. I shall wait until deemed worthy. Here's post number three then.
  12. Guys, I can't start a new topic in member builds. Obviously, I can here though. Any ideas. I've tried to email support but the mailbox is full.
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