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  1. That sounds promising. I was wondering whether something like that might work but the kit has to be built before I could try it. Many thanks for the news. Will you be trying a similar approach for other cowlings? Right. Like there's no cost and space issues there. Plus, the first hurdle is that, the way I've been lately, I'll be lucky if I ever build one, let a lone two! On a personal, good news front though, I finally picked one of these wonderful kits up at a great price locally last week. Very happy. Cheers, Motty.
  2. G'day All, Just wondering whether there is any news or rumors out there about the possibility of some aftermarket cowlings being made for Airfix's new 1/24 Typhoon masterpiece? Normally I'm one for depicting an aircraft all buttoned up and complete but, everything I've seen about this new beauty looks like I'll be hard pressed to decide between showing off that marvelous engine and radiator detail or covering it up with the cowlings on. I'm a little surprised that Airfix didn't follow Tamiya's lead and provide removable cowlings as on the 1/32 Spit and Mustang. Maybe something in thin resin? Cheers, Motty.
  3. G'day Steve, Your build came out looking great. Has the review you did been posted anywhere or is it for here in the future? I'm curious as to what you mean about "the canopy is a horrible mess". Is it a shape thing or something else? Cheers, Motty.
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