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  1. Spectacular work Hercules! This was a most informative, inspiring and entertaining thread.
  2. No way to adequately address this without getting political, so I will simply say that this is both a disgrace, and a sign of the times as well as things to come.
  3. Mark, Many thanks for the excellent information. That will allow me to advance on my project. Cheers.
  4. Can anyone tell me if the two piece, framed canopy on the ME-328 parasite fighter design opened via a starboard side hinge a la the ME-109, or did it slide back? I've seen plans with both the two piece, and a one piece blown canopy (the latter obviously must open via a side hinge), and am unsure about this detail. Cheers for any help that can be provided.
  5. Yes, you'll definitely need to contact them personally for retailers who stock their items. The link to retailers on their site isn't just out of date, it is disabled. These are great value at under $15.00 to $20.00 U.S. Anything above that.......not so much. :angry:
  6. I'm not sure what experience level you have with these 21C kits, but two quick bits of advice with the C202 kit in particular are: Avoid the too soft screw plugs at all costs. Better to punch some styrene disks and putty/sand them flush than attempt to utilize the rubber like plugs, which don't fit well, or sand and shape properly. And secondly, find some more suitably sized main landing gear wheels in the spares box, as the ones provided are grossly undersized and look ridiculous. Cheers.
  7. How strange. Was the lack of the usual tail swastika on this example perchance the result of the following:
  8. Nice, clean build, but where are the vertical stabilizer swastikas? I have the kit in my closet, but can't remember if they include them or not. None of that "head in the sand" sort of business I hope.
  9. Thank you greatly for the PDF file Chris, received A O.K. Cheers.
  10. Well, At that scale I'll have to display it old school style, suspended from the ceiling, but I'm buying one (or two or three! ) I agree with Seavenom, hope they don't skimp on the oh so visible details.
  11. You are correct, I meant Hobbycraft. Although the box is in my "kit vault" right up front, I was too lazy to wander over and double check the box before opening my big mouth. Cheers to all for naming the specific companies that make aftermarket kits. I'll have to order up a few.
  12. Does anyone know where I can get one of the Resin aftermarket cockpit kits to correct the flawed Trumpeter kit one? I remember seeing it available after the kit first came out and the problem was publicly addressed. However, since Trumpeter quickly dumped the kit, and Minicraft picked up the molds, I haven't been able to find one. Lacking that, I will have to scratchbuild one, which I may do anyway, now that I have the kit on my short list of completions.
  13. I'm a big fan of the B-26, and would be delighted to see that put into production as a 1/32nd scale kit.
  14. That is what I was alluding to with my statement I agree, politics and religion are not encouraged as a discussion topic on boards not devoted to that subject matter for a VERY good reason. I'm the Administrator on the world's largest forum board devoted to Saxophones, and we avoid it like the plague for the very same reasons. Mums the word from me henceforth.
  15. I'm a Kraut myself, so I can't afford to be a Germaniaphobe. Actually I'm German, Scottish, Welsh and Irish, with relatives who fought on both sides of the war, and an Israeli brother in law, so I'd be in a right mess, wouldn't I? Politics shouldn't enter the historical selection of a subject to model. Every nation involved had people who were terrorized by someone or another during the war. If we are going to hold grudges, don't look at the country of origin where many of the best kits are manufactured. See what I mean.......... BTW, I'd love to see a 1/32nd scale Ju-88, although I'm not certain where I'd find the room to display such a beast. 30 years of modelling (and keeping what I've built) has taken it's tole.
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