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  1. This is an absolutely fantastic build Willliam! If mine gets anywhere as good I'll be happy. How did you join the wings to the fuselage and get such a great fit and look after you'd completed the painting!? Cheers Chris
  2. Hi from a newbie. Just want to say I'm really enjoying this build which is really very impressive and one of the best I've ever seen. I don't have time for modelling unfortunately currently but I'm consoling myself by building a stash of kits and aftermarket mainly in 1/24 for when the day comes that I do have time to do them justice. William, I hope not too cheeky a question but is there any chance of being able to buy a set of your resin wheels and other bits? This Bf109E is one of my favourite planes and I've been looking for just such a set as yours. BTW, love that propelle
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