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  1. Outstanding! What are you using for your references? Well done mate!
  2. Hi Everyone; Something has been bothering me lately. I have seen many check the accuracy of their model to various drawings. The question comes to me, which is accurate? There are as many drawings if not more than there are kits. Especially with the latest kits, I would trust the developers to make accurate research. The same however is true to the drafters. I'm sure they also research prior to creating drawings. How do you gauge between the two? Do you have a 'reliable' source of drawings for your projects? Cheers Al
  3. Wow! I have the same kit in my stash, did you have any problems with it? I seem to have read somewhere the landing gear needed to be extended? -Al
  4. Outstanding there mate! Leaves me far behind.
  5. Wow, that is impressive work there! Outstanding!
  6. Beautiful and inspiring
  7. This is so out of my league... You are an artist.
  8. Wow, the paint, weathering and subject is outstanding! Well done! Al
  9. I had the intention of doing the same! You beat me to it. Excellent job BTW
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