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    dodgem37 reacted to GMK in Scratchbuilt Bushmaster PMV 4x4   
    You’re right, Mark. 1:1 CARC is pretty unfriendly, health-wise. 
    Enjoying the continuing sugar-rush of basic paint work. So refreshing to see a coloured in combat Winnebago rather than the boring grey block on the bench. 

    The higher-contrast background makes the outline of the truck much easier to see. 

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    dodgem37 got a reaction from Hartmann52 in P-51D 47th FS / 15th FG, Iwo Jima 1945 [TAM 1:32] - DONE   
    Great Show!  Love this.  Brings back my own memories.

    Catchy scheme.  Great shot.  Great angle.

    No second yellow fuselage stripe?
    Thank you.
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    dodgem37 got a reaction from Pete Fleischmann in HH-60G Pavehawk Kitty Hawk 1/35   
    Go Team, Go!
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    dodgem37 got a reaction from GMK in Scratchbuilt Bushmaster PMV 4x4   
    Looks good.  CARC is bad stuff.
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    dodgem37 reacted to Pete Fleischmann in HH-60G Pavehawk Kitty Hawk 1/35   
    Hey all-
    The new blades from Harold at AMS resin showed up today, and they are outstanding-

    Harold worked his magic and was able to cast all of the tiny bits from my master without losing any of the details-

    looking forward to getting these up!
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    dodgem37 reacted to GMK in Scratchbuilt Bushmaster PMV 4x4   
    First cut of the RHS camouflage done. 


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    dodgem37 reacted to GMK in Scratchbuilt Bushmaster PMV 4x4   
    Well, interior has been dusted up.

    And have sealed up the hull. 

    Lots of corrective & detail work to complete before final installation of the suspension and painting the underside. 
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    dodgem37 reacted to GMK in Scratchbuilt Bushmaster PMV 4x4   
    The arrival of SMS paint’s CARC sand allowed another series of quick wins on the “how will it look” phase. 

    So, the DUKE ECM antennas & mounts, plus the EOS R-400 remote (protected) weapon station & screen (on the dash) got an initial coat. 

    Then it was the turn of the satcom x-wing antenna & the base & bracket for the blue force tracker (or MT2011, as it’s known formally).
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    dodgem37 reacted to GMK in Scratchbuilt Bushmaster PMV 4x4   
    Made some big steps with the interior painting, noting that not very much will be seen. 
    Paints are by SMS, using rubber black for the mine plate, black for the floor, sea foam green for the lower hull sides, aluminium for the seat frames, & US olive drab for the interior of the upper hull. 

    Decals for the seat cushions once again custom made by a mate. 

    Will do some minor touch ups, then matte the finish out. 

    I’ll also have to correct the interior of the roof hatches, they’re insulated with olive drab cushioning like the rest of the upper hull. 
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    dodgem37 reacted to GMK in Scratchbuilt Bushmaster PMV 4x4   
    One of the left handed elements of bringing the resin printer online is the temptation to revisit previously finished work, such as the rear light cluster & madflaps. 

    This iteration now includes hex bolts, blackouts, the reflectors, power outlet, & fastex clips for the camouflage cover. None of these were present on the original design & print. 
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    dodgem37 reacted to norbert in 1/18 test shot by Reedoak   
    Hello !
    We did a first 1/18 print on a new printer, here is how it comes out after...25 hours printing in hi-res.

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    dodgem37 got a reaction from JMcD in Italeri CF-104 Starfighter "Kicked up a Notch": Feb 27/21, Decal Rivets Half Done   
    Not only do you guys drive on the wrong side of the road, but you enter from the wrong side of an aircraft, too!  Ah, you do drive on the wrong side of the road, don't you?
    Looking forward to more of your magic, Chuck.
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    dodgem37 got a reaction from Alex in P-51D 47th FS / 15th FG, Iwo Jima 1945 [TAM 1:32] - DONE   
    Great Show!  Love this.  Brings back my own memories.

    Catchy scheme.  Great shot.  Great angle.

    No second yellow fuselage stripe?
    Thank you.
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    dodgem37 reacted to Sir Spendalot in Airfix 1:24 Ju87B-2 Stuka   
    Having moved to the dark side (1;48 scale!) for a while, I finally returned to the fold with a blast from my past – the venerable Airfix 1:24 Ju87B-2 Stuka. I built one of these way back in the 70s and it was the last kit I built as a kid. My original version was painted in the European theatre colours, so I thought I’d try out a desert scheme this time around. I really like the AK Real Colours so thought I’d check out their colour guide for WWII – and this is where it got a bit confusing. The colours that I’ve seen on other desert scheme builds all appear to have the RLM 79 from 1942, whereas the aircraft in the instructions is dated 1941 and would, according to the colour guide, have used the lighter earlier version of RLM 79. So, I was brave and went for the distinctly lighter, more yellow early version (my ‘bravery’ was assisted by various members of LSP in my call for help – thanks gents). The interior was upgraded with an Airscale IP (awesome detail!) and HGW seatbelts (also awesome). Anyway, here she is:
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    dodgem37 reacted to Alex in P-51D 47th FS / 15th FG, Iwo Jima 1945 [TAM 1:32] - DONE   

    After I was really, really sure that I had totally eradicated the seam down the middle of the radiator scoop, it REAPPEARED once the part had been sitting for a couple weeks.  What are you gonna do?  At least it's on the bottom of the model...
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    dodgem37 reacted to Alex in P-51D 47th FS / 15th FG, Iwo Jima 1945 [TAM 1:32] - DONE   
    Some RFI, in no particular order.  These are better model photos than I've been able to take in the past (though still not great), mainly because my wife got a tripod to use with my DSLR, so now I have a tripod too...

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    dodgem37 reacted to Jennings Heilig in F-4E Drawings   
    Suffice it to say that when I started working on the Wolfpack MiG Hunters project, I thought I knew an awful lot about the Phantom.  I was wrong!  The more I dig on this amazing bird, the more subtle nuances I find, and the more I'm amazed at the excellence of her design.
    I've extensively photographed and measured five different airframes, including a YF-4J (that was born an F-4B), an F-4C, and three F-4Es.  We're blessed in Tucson to have two former Thunderbirds F-4Es in town, both of which are easily available for reference purposes.  As I posted elsewhere, I drove up to Alamogordo NM recently to crawl all over the late model FY74 QF-4E that's currently at the Alamogordo airport awaiting repainting and eventual public display in town there.  I've looked at just about every set of F-4 drawings ever done, and none of them satisfied me - hence risking life and limb crawling around, under, and on top of the birds I've been able to do, taking my own detailed photos and measurements.  And when I think "There, I'm done!" - I find something I've missed!  Happens every time.  I keep tweaking.
    It is my firm belief that nobody since the McDonnell engineers in St. Louis has ever really, truly accurately drawn the F-4E down to the last detail (well, almost the last detail anyway).  But I submit to you my latest work.  A late production F-4E with the slatted wing, TISEO, and factory installed strike camera boxes.  I still have some work to do on the cockpit, but I'm pretty sure this is what a Phantom is shaped like!
    Yes, I'm a Phantomoholic   

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    dodgem37 got a reaction from Johnny Cloud in 1/32 Dragon P-51D   
    I don't usually show my work, except at local meetings,
    but I thought I'd throw caution to the wind
    and show the world a project I did for my wife.
    My wife asked me to build her an airplane, so when I found these
    Green Nosed Mustang decals with her name (Janet), it was only a
    matter of time before I sat down and labored through the process
    of building an airplane once again.
    So, after over 20 some odd years of armor building, I managed to finish this:

    Painted checker board, fitted windshield. A littles silvering to 'Janet'. Oh well.

    Stenciled codes and serial number. Codes are my wifes' initials. Serial number is her birthdate (April 7, 1958).
    I goofed and didn't cover the fuselage star when I did some invasion stripe touch up, or something, and removed some of the decal.
    So I painted the spot aluminum. The canopy is futured. The kit national markings were from hunger. No amount of Sol
    would settle them down.

    Painted fuel caps and canopy latches. I painted the flaps laquer aluminum.
    When I removed the tape some paint pulled off.

    You can see where the .50's don't have covers on this wing. The other wing they do.
    I didn't like the seam running thru so I sanded off the covers.
    I rounded some tube and fit it to the other wing.
    That wing was able to accept the covers because I did not finish the opening by sanding it 'to scale thickness',
    as it were, like I did this wing.

    The rockets don't fit to their base and the aux. fuel tank brace area needs work
    The struts gave me a fit. For those of you who have built this kit, you'll know. I built two of the same strut.
    The tires flop around on the rims so I had to shim them so the tires would fit. I absolutely hated the way the
    struts fit into the wing.

    Some detail painting. This was probably the most fun I had with the kit.
    The bottom of the wing has a pebble texture. I sanded some of it off before I quit.
    I think this is the cause for the light scratchy spots in the central grey area.
    But maybe not.
    Anyway, what's done is done. I hope you like it.
    Thanks for looking.
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    dodgem37 got a reaction from allthumbs in Electric Intruder - Grumman EA-6A Conversion (Update 21 FEB 2021)   
    'This is absolute perfection -'
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    dodgem37 reacted to Alain Gadbois in Matchbox Tiger Moth   
    Thanks Kev, and hope this helps a bit:
    Added more bits to side cockpit sides, wires and most important the levers, 1 on right and 2 on left. The shape was scribed with a compass with two needle points. The 

    Left side.

    Right side.

    The details will be still visible when the halves are assembled.

    Next, front seat and instrument panels.
    Bye for now,
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    dodgem37 reacted to pg265 in 1930 Bugatti Type 35B, Louis Chiron. MFH 1/20.   
    Good evening,
    With the Lotus 43 finished and tidy, it's the Bugatti's turn to reveal its finery ... and its undersides!
    So we start with the engine and some added details.
    A little solder to connect the 0.4 copper "tubes" with the 0.7 brass tube.
    The copper pipes are bent and matched to their connections on both sides of the motor. There are still a few to install.
    The exhaust manifolds are polished and burnished with Blacken’it.







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    dodgem37 reacted to Thunnus in 1/32 Hasegawa Fw190D-13 Yellow 10   
    Thanks Damian!  Just curious... I stripped the paint from the SOW legs with iso alcohol which took a while.  Is resin affected by lacquer thinner like styrene plastic?
    Thanks!  One thing that I seem to have a lot of these days is time.  So paying attention to the details helps fill that time!
    Thanks Tom!  The clear photos of the leg of Yellow 10 was compelling enough for me to make that change.  Like I mentioned, I should've checked my references more carefully.
    Working on the resin prop by Henri Daehne.  Some of the finest resin out there!

    The prop hub detail is amazing but unfortunately it will be permanently covered by the spinner at the end.  If it weren't for the cannon barrel, I would've been able to use magnets and make the prop spinner removable, which I've done on a D-9 build.

    A few poses of the HD prop in place.

    The prop spiral was painted using a custom mask traced from the spiral on the Eagle Editions decal set for Yellow 10.

    The spinner has some characteristic staining on the back half due to leaks from the cannon system.  I'll have to figure out how to replicate that but for now, a dark brown wash to highlight the details.

    The prop blades have been painted but not yet weathered.  I could not detect any paint chipping on the reference photos of Yellow 10, so I'll probably do a couple rounds of salt fading to impart some wear on these blades.

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    dodgem37 reacted to Thunnus in 1/32 Hasegawa Fw190D-13 Yellow 10   
    Thanks Bill! I should've mentioned this but when after I stripped the paint off the landing gear legs, I took some extra time to scribe the delineations so that it would hold a wash better.  I figured that if I was going to re-do it, I should make it better somehow.
    Thank you so much Jerry!  Your comments really made my day!
    Thanks for the encouragement again, Troy!
    Thanks Jim!  I appreciate the comments!
    I'm always referring to other builds here, marveling at the works of others, taking notes of different techniques and materials and trying to soak up and learn from what I see.  The internet really has opened up the floodgates in terms of available information and allows all of us to get better at this modeling thing.  But make sure you keep your personal vision alive.  There's always room for individual interpretation and execution.
    Here are the radiator pieces.  I had a couple of Eduard 190D-9 Exterior details sets, which will largely go unused since most of included items are for wheel wells, which have been superseded by the Aires resin set.  But... there are some actuating arms for the radiator cowling flaps that I was able to use so you can see them in the photo.

    The radiator cowling pieces have been glued into place.  I've also added the little scoop on top of the engine cowling.  The opening of the scoop was "scooped" out using an x-acto blade.

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    dodgem37 got a reaction from airscale in 1/18 Hawker Fury   
    Pretty damned special, Peter.  Great show.
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    dodgem37 got a reaction from Grunticus in ICM Bücker Bu 131A & Kokusai Ki-86a/K9W1 "Cypress"   
    Good show, Bro'.
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