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  1. Very nice. Great work. Love your weathering. You couldn't hide the turret seam with some texturing? Thank you. Sincerely, Mark
  2. Good show, Big John. Love that engine. Sincerely, Mark
  3. 'I had a look at eBay and saw that the model you have is Chinese. I presume that for having it without any issues for 5 years it is a trustworthy and safe machine.' It's not as if you would be using it alot. Depending on your project, you can go a year without using it. Then you would be using it regularly to get a good vac. The thing is solid and sturdy, cast aluminum, heating element softens the plastic quickly enough. No long waiting like the Mattel vacuum form. And it has a powerful vacuum draw. As Rich stated, the platform is small. But it makes really good vacuum forms.
  4. Bumblebee! Well, not quite. Looks great. Sincerely, Mark
  5. This just keeps getting better than better. Great show! Sincerely, Mark
  6. Thank you, Jay. Did you get your references from AirCorps? Thank you. Sincerely, Mark
  7. Stupendous work, Jaybo. 'Cannot tell how hard I worked on these details' Anyone that scratch builds can tell how hard you worked on those details. 'The foot troughs are going to be a giant challenge, as they cannot go in until after the cockpit walls and bottom are joined.' Odd. Why is that? Sincerely, Mark
  8. Never mind. The above will do. Thank you. Sincerely, Mark
  9. If you scroll thru the Bf109-K thread in my signature, I think you will find what you are looking for. Otherwise, I’ll be home on Sunday and can scan and post what you, hopefully, need, then. Sincerely, Mark
  10. Smooth as silk. Wonderful updates. Sincerely, Mark
  11. Pretty damned special, Peter. Great show. Sincerely, Mark
  12. I'm in love. Nothing about this I don't like. Texturing and layering are great. Did you go over the raw plastic with steel wool? Or are the scratches in the plastic accidental? Thank you. Sincerely, Mark
  13. 'Nice stuff there, Mark, real nice.' Thank you, Kevin. 'That movie gave me shingles and haemorrhoids.' I will be sure to not put you through the same. 'So which 1/16th kit are you going to convert?' Tamiya 1/16 M4 Howitzer. 'I actually have SOL's complete resin M4A3E8 kit; it looks really nice.' Covetingly so. If I hadn't gotten such a bargain with the Tamiya kit, ($100.00 on eBay. Yes, one can occasionally find a bargain) I would have gotten theirs. 'Also, was lucky enough to see the real Fury - as well as Tiger 134 - at Bo
  14. Good show. What did you use as your non-skid? Thank you. Sincerely, Mark
  15. I'm tripped out. One Masterpiece after another. Very special work, Rowdy. A BIG THANK YOU for posting. Sincerely, Mark
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