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  1. 1/48 scale Airfix built out of the box except for decals. The decals came from a free sheet produced by IPMS Canada and given in their Random Thoughts quarterly magazine. Painted with Vallejo products.
  2. Built out of the box. Painted with Vallejo products. Decals are by Mike Grant.
  3. Hasegawa 1/48 scale TA-4J converted to an OA-4M using Phase Hanger resin set and Furball decals. Painted with Vallejo products.
  4. This is my first post here. I did this as a commission build, my first. Airfix’s 1/24th scale FW190. I used Eduard pre-painted seat belts and resin tires, not sure of the manufacturer. It is painted with Vallejo products. Light weathering was done with oils. https://photos.app.goo.gl/DPuxG71iQVEYrdjz5 https://photos.app.goo.gl/1skj4Cr2bAX7i6BKA
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