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  1. 4 hours ago, chrish said:

    That’s over $2000.00 Canadian dollars (we use smaller dollars here) I completely rebuilt the 4L65E transmission in my car for less than that (my other hobby) 

    that’s a lot of Tamiya or ZM or HK models. Just thinking out loud…whilst typing.


    Horses for courses again. You could spend $2000 Canadian on a Michelin-starred meal for two, and indeed some do. I doubt I'd be able to justify a kit of this magnitude, but if I did have the money to spend on kits, I'd rather have one of these than any number of Tamiya, ZM or HK kits. It's kind of like saying you could have a hundred Pontiac Azteks for the price of one Porsche 911. Quantity doesn't equal quality.

  2. 49 minutes ago, Violator1991 said:

    HpH is setting a new price record with each release. Now their 600€ kits begin to sound cheap.

    This is a strange world, there will always be buyers of anything whatever the price tag.

    If it were solely about price then I'd agree. Being HPH it will be worth it. Take a look and see how much two weekend grandstand tickets for an F1 Grand Prix are and stack that against many weeks of enjoyment form an HPH kit of this magnitude.

  3. 28 minutes ago, Royboy said:

    Your last part here is interesting as I have a friend who worries that he builds more than he finishes. Does more kit starts and then returns them to the box than finishes too.

    I reassured him that actually it seems to be quite a normal for a lot of builders out there during conversations with fellow modellers.

    Perhaps its the next shiny new thing that attracts? Either way as long as you enjoy what your doing does it really matter? Lots of parts versus little amounts of parts doesn't seem to matter in most cases it seems.



    My absolute - absolute - favourite part of modelling is cleaning-up resin parts. I've got many kits in the stash and have to avoid the temptation to start all of them (but not finish). I've also got a large number that I've opened, cleaned up all the resin parts and put them back away. I think the maxim for all of us should be, "SO LONG AS YOU ENJOY IT, IT'S OK" (this is only applicable to scale modelling).

  4. 2 hours ago, npb748r said:

    We aren't all clones of one another. I also don't like soccer, or sport of any kind really, I'm not keen on fried food, I like women with black hair and dark skin, I don't enjoy watching films, I like to volunteer a day or two at a charity, I don't own a car, I like real ale and not lager.   I suspect I'm different to most people on this forum when it comes to how I live my life so why shouldn't that be the same when it comes to modelling. I fully respect and admire modellers who build bi-planes and can spend months detailing a build to look exactly like the real thing even though that's not what I like. I wouldn't say they are wrong though, just different. If you don't like or accept my difference then perhaps it's time for me to disappear, there are plenty more modelling forums I can be accepted on. 



    No offence intended here: if it helps, I dislike soccer but love chips! I also have an aversion to Tamiya kits - the only kits I've ever thrown in the dustbin were Tamiya (Mosquito, Meteor and Ferrari FXX-K). I found them so boring to make that I lost the will to carry on. In fact I gave the Meteor to my nephew but the other two were trashed. Give me a nice vac-form or a resin kit any day.


    But for me it's about the 'modelling' - when I finish a model it's usually stored away because I've done the interesting bit. But I also understand that for many, it's about the finished model, not the modelling. Horses for courses. 

  5. 7 minutes ago, npb748r said:

    just looked at these and there seems to be a few different ones luckily looks like they have a different colour for each type (gap filling, super thin, etc) which one do you use Sabrejet ?


    Super Gold. It's thin and does bond near-enough instantly.

  6. 1 hour ago, ade rowlands said:


    For me, its an aversion to Superglue not the kits. I cant be around the stuff. Instant Hayfever like symptoms, streaming sinuses, the works, even if using the stuff outdoors. 

    I use BSI superglue, which has little/no odour and is non-clouding. Might be worth a go.

  7. I was a bit concerned that Guy Ritchie's purchase of Compton Abbas might not be a good thing: back in the day he and Madonna (IIRC) had petitioned for rights of way through their land to be removed. I also understood that there had been protests about noise.


    I shall still believe it when I see it. Having had the privilege of flying aboard DH.82 G-ADXT from the airfield prior to its tragic loss, I have a strong interest in all things CA. 

  8. 2 hours ago, Jim Barry said:

    Site says sold out. No way to place order as far as I can tell. 


    I'm eagerly awaiting mine: last email update said it was in the early stages of production and it was expected 'before end 2022' but I suspect Q1, 2023 is most likely. JETMADS do customer service very well in my experience, so I hope you do get one.

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