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  1. Hi, There are a few pictures on Quinta Studios Facebook, just scroll down to February 4. Also in Reid Air Publishing The F-4 Phantom Exposed on page 69 there some great pictures with the ejection seat removed of a F-4C rear panel from behind. Would not mind to supply these photos but not sure if I can from the source. Hope this helps.
  2. Hi, Are their any photos available of a F-4EJ Phantom II before the 'Kai' update? I'm looking for the front and rear panels. Thanks
  3. Hi Jennings, Thank you I will contact him.
  4. Hi Jennings, Thank you, I only received the unit markings of the 1:32 Operation Bolo and did not include the data markings. Thanks again.
  5. Hi, I recently purchased Fundekals in 1:32 Operation Bolo, and was wondering if the data sheet was also to be included with the set? Or is this going to be a seperate release? Great detail and research about a important subject! Thanks,
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