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  1. Yea guessing raised rivet in a fuselage is just a dream, I was hoping someone out there made a 1:48 scale 27 with sine type of rivet design. Now I just hv to decide wheather or not I can make myself pay that high dollar of 100-139.00. Eli’s is a pic of HK wing detail and the inside is just totally cool, they could hv made the oxygen bottles much bigger or just eliminated the in wall mold abs included regular size you glue to the wall, but otherwise than that there are a lot of aftermarket parts they are included in kit. Guess I’ll just hv to suck it up spend the money or shut up huh. Thanks g
  2. Hello everyone, I hope this is the correct place to post this. This is my first post, certainly won’t be my last, for sure. Been 40 years since I built a model, and dang if it hasn’t come along way. All the aftermarket upgrade parts available I was amazed. I’m having trouble finding a certain thing I’m wanting. I know HK has all the details I’m looking for, I just can’t make myself cough up 110.00+, add shipping I’m looking at 150.00 for a model. Least not yet. I am looking w/o much luck trying to find a 1:48 scale B-17 that has rivet detail incorporated into the fuselage
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