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  1. Thank you Nichenson, I finally able to order them. Thank so much. Hugo
  2. I checked with Hobby Decal but didn't see the decals there, I sent them and email but have not received a response. Scott, your F-4 looks Awesome!!!! Mr. Ray Peterson, let me know when you find them and I can send you payment thru PayPal. Sincerely, Hugo Garcia Edinburg Texas
  3. Thank you all for the information and for helping me. Greatly appreciate. Hugo
  4. Hi there, I am new to Large Scale Planes and really enjoying the site. I am currently building a 1/32 Tamiya F-4J Phantom but having difficulties in finding decals to build the version of the VX-4 Black Bunny. Can someone direct me on where I can purchase such decals? Thank you, Hugo
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