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  1. Pete, been frustrated on trying to nail the color of the flight gloves. Keeping coming out looking like those giant hulk hands. (Quote from my wife). Could you help me out. thanks Andrew
  2. This build is amazing and happy to see you coming to the finish line. It inspired me to try scratch build on a large scale effort. Started with the roof and six months later I’m getting to the point where I’m nearing the interior completion. Hopefully by the end of 2021 I’ll have something resembling a nice Pavehawk. The inflight display might be a little to ambitious this time around so my PJ’s will be loading from the ground. Thank you Pete for being helpful with my questions can’t wait to see your next build. Andrew
  3. I know this build happened some time ago but what color was used for the web gear if you can recall Thanks Andrew
  4. Jayhawk sounds like a winner. I’m hoping that Kitty hawk makes that. When I finally get done the Pavehawk that would be one I would love to do after an F-100 in 48 scale though. Andrew
  5. Thanks Pete for the info. I agree about the bravery. Been doing a lot of research about the crews during this build and I’m in awe. I think though leaving the doors off is what want to try. Maybe keep the interior more visible. Thanks Andrew
  6. So a question to anyone watching this excellent build who may know. I’ve seen pictures of the Pavehawk in action in Afghanistan. Some have doors off and some have doors in. Was this an option made by the crew? Is it common practice or not? Thanks Andrew
  7. Coming across this thread has really peaked my interest. Looking forward to when you start on it again. Andrew
  8. Yeah the weathering is about as good as I’ve seen. Great build!
  9. That paint job is great! How I would love to be able to do that. Thanks for posting
  10. Want to thank you Pete. Learned so much. Ive been plugging away on the roof for a couple of months and I’m happy with it. Really having a good time with my first real endeavor into scratch building. Andrew
  11. Well I binged watched all 6 season. This build was staggering in the amount of detail. Definitely inspiring but making me realize my limitations of scratchbuilding detail like what i've seen. Hoping to someday come within a "100 miles" of this build. Thanks Oliver for keeping updates from beginning to end. That is a large commitment in its self. Andrew
  12. Pete that makes complete sense and better than anything I had come up with. I would have really screwed it up. Thanks for answering my questions!
  13. Pete was wondering how you matched up the armored floor holes to where the hooks are. I'm just trying to figure an easy way to do this. Thanks Andrew
  14. Pete, Thanks so much. Found the gear I needed. Appreciate you taking the time to help me out. Always looking forward to your updates. Once I finish my latest project in the next two weeks hopefully I will start on this. Not expecting anything near what you’ve done but will enjoy trying some of what I’ve seen with your model. thanks Andrew
  15. Pete, following this terrific build and it is really inspiring me to try some level of detailing I haven’t tried before. I do have a question about some of the medic packs used in the cabin. Been looking hard for similar items and haven’t had any luck. Could you point me in a direction to find similar packs. I have found the personal packs but nothing in the clay of the medic packs. T thanks Andrew
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