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  1. John good for get out dust from rivets is Tamiya extrathin cement
  2. Superb.One question do you use decals or own mask?
  3. Hi John I think too late but front wheel leg was in RLM66 .Photos show that because its too dark .
  4. Here we give all photos that we found - ebay ....45 page of inspiraton https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=52&t=80971&start=660
  5. How many flight (live) hours have Jumo004 and must be change?I think I read 36-40.Its posible the color burned off.Look at this photo.Its protective ceramic white color for me -only my view from photos and books look at engine onion and fuselage cross - 100% white
  6. Same color is on fuselage ,,USA..." and ,,onion" -White
  7. The ,,onion"and engine inside are ,,off white" protective color same as on BMW003 restoration He162
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