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  1. Yes, the subject is truely amazing. Although there are some contradictive theories for the fuselage color :-)
  2. You may find the link below rather interesting: William Dunham's Thunderbolts The decals I have used: Superscale 48-970 1/48 Scale Republic P-47 Thunderbolt Razorback Model Airplane Decals with Nose Art
  3. Aftermarket and painted. A mix...
  4. Yes, Tamiya is much better than this one. And the fit is close to perfect!
  5. Thanks for letting me know, I hadn't noticed! Cheers, DIO
  6. Mostly OOB, and no much to say about it. This was a test build before touching the Tamiya excellent kit... Metal finish is BMF. Cheers, DIO
  7. Unfortunately it is a small scale model (1/48). I always build my models in 1/48, so I am here mostly to learn and observe :-) Cheers, DIO
  8. DIO

    Hasegawa Ki-84.

    Beautiful built. Great painting. Clean wash. Congratulations.... I am watching you!
  9. Nice build! My answer to with or without rivets, is with. Also with stressed skin and BMF. But most probably will never finish, while your is already sitting proudly on its... wheels! Congratulations my friend!
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