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  1. Hi Scotsman - I could not agree more on the C-47 (though everything is always price dependent). I simply could not justify the price of the 1/32 HpH DC-3/C-47 so truly hope that if a 1/35 Skytrain is a reality from Gecko that it is significantly less in price than the HpH kit. Your post has made me crumble on buying the K2Y ambulance though! I was under the impression that the Gecko and the Airfix Ambulances were different kits but you post indicates not. Thanks! Best regards, Paul
  2. Hi All, Gecko models have a 1/35 Austin K2Y heavy Ambulance they are putting out there. Interestingly they put up this shot below: That looks like an awfully detailed CAD model of a C-47 just for a promotional shot of an ambulance... It could mean nothing or it could be a 1/35 C-47 in development. Best regards, Paul
  3. Hi Randy, You are correct about build reviews being the ultimate arbiter of a kit's quality regarding fit and finish (though not accuracy as a it can go together beautifully and still be an inaccurate shape). Given the experience of the team that have worked on the Spitfire is it fair to assume they know a thing or two about accuracy, fit and finish. Having trawled the previous pages that is what comes across rather than anyone saying it will definitively be fantastic. Someone correct me if I am wrong but I thought Kotare had published actual sprue shots on their Facebook page (sorry I am not a Facebook subscriber so don't know for sure). Best regards, Paul
  4. Thanks for letting us know Thierry. We'll be watching out for that. Kind regards, Paul
  5. This is great news! Any word on price? Best regards, Paul
  6. Really super work Max! I very much admire how neat your rigging looks! Nice to see you closing in on completion! Best regards, Paul
  7. Just for a second @Iain I thought you had reviewed the actual sailplanes which would qualify as LSPs being 1:1 scale….
  8. Indeed - when you are making 18 metre GFRP wings I suspect a 1 metre span kit is really not a challenge!
  9. Hi All Probably this is old news to many but did you know the HpH models who make the 1/32 model kits we know and love: http://shop.hphmodels.cz/en/17-model-kits-in-scale-132 Are the same HpH who make real sailplanes: https://www.hph.cz/ It was news to me at least! Best regards, Paul
  10. Fair enough @Iain I stand corrected. On fit: as I said; I am not averse to doing some work on a kit. I’m mostly looking for accuracy. I do hope it fits well but I am not unrealistic what a short-run kit can be like. Thanks for the clarification! Best regards, Paul
  11. I have started to get worried about this kit. I’ll take all kits as I find them but, based on the reviews so far of the Helldiver and what seems to be a SNAFU on the tanks on the latest Vampire FB5 kit, I am concerned that Infinity, despite the best of intentions, are not hitting the quality level that will ensure success. I want the Val to be accurate and, as much as that, I also want it to fit well. So i am crossing my fingers that this will be the case and they will up their game versus the previous releases. Best regards, Paul
  12. You have a seconder on that! I have a copy of the Revell 1967 version (and its not bad at all for surface detail). Now, I am not averse to a bit ‘o work on a kit, but then I saw @thierry laurent‘s build and all of the tweaks he did (fantastic work) so I was thrilled at Kotare’s announcement. I will build my old Revell kit but may use it as a paint mule to practice on first. Best regards, Paul
  13. Hi @Christa Thanks for the update and pointers. I think a Fox Moth Floatplane may lie in my future. Thank you for the pointers therefore! As for the DH71. I am over in the UK at the moment on business in West London and the DH museum in Colney is not so far away. From perusal of their website they do not have the DH71 as an exhibit but I will ask what drawings they have of it (if any). Best regards, Paul
  14. To be fair to Blackburn the Buccaneer was probably the best looking bird they designed but the Firebrand does have a certain presence to it. My first thought was "Will you look at the flaps on that mode!? - surely overdone?" but apparently not. Best regards, Paul
  15. H Ray - yes that is what HpH have been saying: they have no capability to make that shape in IM IIRC. Best regards, Paul
  16. For now I'll patiently wait for delivery of my Spitfire which, whilst it might not be a surprise, will definitely be my most welcome Christmas present. Cheers Paul
  17. Christa I like the fact that the Tiger got its name ‘just because’ GdH liked the name! It would be lovely if there were a 1/32 model of the DH71 available as it is significant in the lineage (and had a decent turn of speed for such a relatively small, low power engine) but I suspect we will all have our hands full building DH82a/c Tiger Moths for some time to come… That said, the Fox Moth represents a significant challenge. Do you have decent drawings to work from for the conversion? Kind regards, Paul
  18. Shame Gazzas, it is a pretty little thing on its floats. I particularly like 751 above. but, I get that you might not be comfortable with resin. It's not as bad as some make out but one does have to take some ventilation precautions when working with it. Best regards, Paul
  19. Most improbably a Blackburn Firebrand is in the works. https://en-gb.facebook.com/flyingSmodels/ It appears CAD is ongoing. I've not heard of them before and don't know anything about likely release dates but an image of some CAD work so far is below: Kind regards, Paul
  20. Markings for the Rumpler have now appeared...
  21. Hi Max, Welcome back! I am glad to hear your golfing went well but I do hope you recover from your cold! That is a good solution you have come up with for the interplane struts. For future reference: a Dremel with the 5/16" abrasive cut off wheel will make very short work of cutting through even hardened steel (and so won't heat up the plastic or, in this case, resin). Kind regards, Paul
  22. Shame that Kev - it would have been great to see you bring your talents to bear on it. When I saw the title of the thread it set me thinking of Professor Peach in The Italian Job...."I like 'em big, BIG!" Cheers, Paul
  23. Mike What a story this man had! Please do not apologise at all for the length of the intro. I am really looking forward to this build as your work is always impeccable. Kind regards, Paul
  24. Totally impressed with the ambition of this project. Watching with great interest!
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