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  1. On 1/15/2023 at 5:35 AM, mozart said:

    I’m not playing this game, though I would of course love an Anson :coolio:, but from a technical production point of view how does a company go about producing a kit using any manufacturing method if good reliable drawings aren’t available? I’m thinking more specifically here of Lukgraph who produce some really niche aeroplane models in an amazingly short time frame it seems, but how? 

    Hi Max, I’ll attempt an answer. 

    1. If the company are well-heeled they could LIDAR scan an extant airframe.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lidar

    2. If the company are not well heeled or there is no existing airframe to scan then they could use a technique called photogrammetry https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photogrammetry

    So it is possible to get a reliable set of data from photos if one has enough of them.

    3. Measure a real airframe using the old-fashioned methods of having a datum and taking measurements from there.  Although the measurements will be specific to that single airframe they will be better than any drawing!


    Kind regards,


  2. 5 hours ago, AlanG said:

    It's probably the only way i'll be able to get an A6 version. The Hasegawa kits are like rocking horse poo to find (and at a good price) and the ZM one if and when it ever appears will be so over-priced it'll be out of reach for me also.

    So i'm interested in this kit

    It’s a fair point re the Z-M Fw 190s.  They were first announced back in 2014!


    Kind regards,


  3. I have been following this thread for a while and I am really enjoying the diversity of views. I have come to several conclusions:

    1. This really IS the golden age of LSP modelling: the range of what is on offer is increasing every year.

    2. It is the range of materials and manufacturing techniques that have led to the explosion of what is possible: Slide Molding in IM, Photo etching, Resin casting and now 3D printing all provide a greater range of what is possible for the manufacturers and have certainly made them bolder. Who ever thought we’d have the host of WWI airframes in 1/32 available to us that WnW/CSM/Roden/Lukgraph as well as the interwar aircraft that Silverwings offer? Who imagined that One Man Model would emerge and produce 3D printed kits of such esoteric subjects as the Short Scylla? Who thought JetMads would emerge to give us the Viggen and other great subjects?

    3. The diversity of what switches us on as modellers is as broad as the range of kits on offer to us: Some build multiple kits at the same time, thers doggedly work on just one subject until it is done. Others are not completer finishers at all (and that is just fine). Some need to work from Uber-kits and others will bring a less polished kit up to standard and others like Tom Probert @tomprobertor Max Williams @mozart are happy to dive right into a vacform. Still others have even greater confidence and skill to scratchbuild (yes Mike @sandbagger I am talking about you!). 

    4. I don’t understand some of the aversion to resin; It can offer far more detail and enables some manufacturers to give us subjects we never thought we would see in our lifetimes (Thank you @LukGraph for pretty much everything you have ever issued). Yes it can have health risks if one is completely irresponsible when sanding it and huffing dust but that is in our hands. 

    5. Buying kits and building them are two separate hobbies that run at entirely different speeds: for many of us the rate of buying kits far outstrips our ability to keep pace building them (who doesn’t have even a vestigial ‘stash’ of at least a couple of kits eh? ;)). My surmise is that many of us are driven by the anxiety of a kit going out of production and never getting hold of it again; the manufacturers play on this anxiety; viz Border Model and their comments on the molds breaking down so there ‘may not be another run…’). But thankfully we do buy kits we’ll probably never build, however well intentioned we may be, because if we did not buy as many as we do, the industry probably would be far less diverse in its offerings.


    So yes: how lucky we are!


    Kind regards



  4. Yes I would be interested. It is a good idea. Other good ideas are…

    1/32 AEC Matador (both truck and fuel tanker)

    1/32 Austin K2Y

    1/32 Opel Blitz

    1/32 Bedford MWD

    1/32 Crossley Tender

    1/32 Hucks starter

    1/32 Queen Mary trailer

    1/32 Deuce and a half (and tanker version)


    and a whole host of other vehicles one could find around airfields in the conflicts of the 20th century.


    Kind regards,


  5. 4 hours ago, ssculptor said:

    Ah well, here we go again. In this hobby wishful thinking is endemic (whatever that word means - it sounds good so I'll use it).

    First of all, I am 99% enraptured by The Great War (WW1) aviation and I was heartbroken when WingnutWings flew off into the setting sun. At least Roden is promising more WW1 aeroplanes. Perhaps Kotare will come out with a new one also.

    So my list of desirable aircraft modeled in 1/32 scale includes:



    Caproni Ca-3, Ca-4, Ca-5

    Bleriot XI-2 (ANY Bleriot for that matter)

    Ago C.II

    Voisin Voi.5B.2

    Voisin Voi.8Bn.2 bomber trainer used by the AEF

    Henry Farman HF.23 Sweden

    Farman F.40

    Friedrichshafen G.III

    D.F.W. B.I German

    Aviatic B.II Austria

    Any Albatros single engine bomber/observation

    Short built bomber one engine but 85 foot wingspan

    Letord Type 5 (2 engines) 

    AEG G.IV

    Handley Page 0/400

           "          "    V/1500

    Blackburn Kangaroo

    Siemens-Schuckert R.1

    Zeppelin (Staaken) R.VI

    Sikorsky Ilya Mouromets Type V

    Caudron G.IV

    Hey, its a long list but 1/32 scale WW1 aeroplanes have been long neglected as models. I love 'em!

    Yes many of the above were made in 1/72 but I detest the tiny scales. Even 1/48 is too small for me.


    In terms of WW2 and after aircraft I would like these:

    F-3D Skyknight

    F4D Skyray

    F2H Banshee

    F-3H Demon





    Japanese Val and Kate. Yes, the Val is supposedly due this year but we were promised the 1/32 Val in 2004 and I am still waiting.

    In the meantime I have accumulated the 1/32 Val in paper card and a carved mahogny Val from the Phillipines.

    The Kate only as a paper/card kit. 


    Enjoy our hobby!


    I like the top of your list! Der Riesenflugzeug was the one WWI multi-engine airframe that even WNW were not mad enough to contemplate….  It would make their Gotha G.IV look tiny by comparison. Sadly I suspect the only time we’ll se one in 1/32 will be if someone is willing to scratch build one.


    Kind regards


  6. 2 hours ago, Bill M. said:

    Plus one on the Curtiss JN-4D Jenny!

    The Jenny is long overdue in the large scales!

    Actually you really do have a point on that, Agreed.



    13 hours ago, The Phantom said:

    Anson too!!

    Even suggested that for Kotare given they have Bills airworthy example right nearby.

    That Blenheim , Martin Maryland, Whitley

    Good to see another vote for the Anson :clap2:.  Excellent point on the airworthy example being near to Kotare’s base of operations but I don’t know if it would attract Lukgraph.  Hopefully one of the manufacturers will do it.


    Kind regards,


  7. Happy New Year all. Well, I would have posted more progress but my New Years’ Day was spent flying one of the club gliders instead :). An Alexander Schleicher ASK-21, N341KS. 



    I hope everyone has a great modelling year and that I finally manage to put G-AIVW to bed! :D


    Kind regards,






  8. 25 minutes ago, Tomas Duck said:

    Hi Paul,

    it´s rellativelly simple. I use red brown as basis for all leather surface.  On this layer I make scratches with sponge soaked in lighter brown -how much it´s depend how much volume of wear and tear you need. You can also use fine brush for making lines etc. After this I spreyed surface  with gloss varnish. It can be a finish but I use on this layer also oils (Burt siena, yellow deep, yellow orcher - that´s about you) for better surface modulation. If it´s wrong for you, you can use thinner and start again, basis colours still stay on place...;)
    I hope it helped :)

    BR Tomas

    Thank you Thomas - I am always interested in techniques so thank you for sharing this. It works very well -great result!


    Kind regards,


  9. Hi Craig,


    I have been watching your build for a long time and have always been hugely impressed at your willingness to go the extra mile to get details right and your incredible execution to nail them.  It is heartbreaking to read about Terry but your tribute to him was wonderful to read.  I am sorry you are having to move internationally (again). As a veteran of several I made sure I not only packed my models carefully but also insured everything. It is not nice to contemplate losing what is now 8 years work but there are more accidents involving bulk carriers losing containers at sea than one may imagine. I don’t want to be the voice of doom and gloom but honestly: although any insurance could not get your model back if it were damaged or went missing, you would at least get something for it. But, suffice it to say I very much hope that your move goes well and your B17 arrives safe and sound at the other end!


    Kind regards,


  10. On 11/18/2022 at 5:53 PM, Tomas Duck said:

    Thank you guys for all comments :bow:

    Today will be a small step only, gunner seat and my interpretation of leather. It's not something extra, but maybe it will be enough. Now I´m working on re-charging system of guns, after this I can assemble turret together.

    BR Tomas






    Your interpretation of a worn leather surface is outstanding! What was your technique to establish that level of realism?


    Kind regards,


  11. Thanks for the photos Max. That is a lovely period shot of DX-595 and the detail pull-out on NM-138 is excellent.


    On the cabane strut supports: They were big, they were ugly and they were gone…








    So, what will I do to support those cabane struts (which are critical to the stability of the wing construct)? Stay tuned to find out.;)


    Kind regards,





  12. 16 hours ago, mozart said:

    I think Paul (I should know but I don’t for sure) that they are running from the pitot head thence to the ASI in the cockpit.  A better view: 



    Hi Max - Thank you: that would absolutely make sense. There is a lot going on under there! Quick update: It all looks very dirty on these photos with sanding dust but the shims are in on the side panels and G-AIVW now has a Tiger Moth shaped nose. Just a little filing to go. 



    The main features of the underside are now in place  - lots yet to do: boy there is a lot going on under there!



    More to follow in the coming days. 


    Thanks once again @mozart


    Kind regards,



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