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  1. Hi fellow modelers, I made a short video with 6 tips for scale modeling, hope someone finds it useful. - oxygen hose - ejection seat handles - drill guide - temporarily gluing the canopy down - engine hose - photo etch removal Cheers!
  2. Hello modelers, I made a peeling off & sanding experiment with 4 primers: - Vallejo surface primer - AMMO mig `ONE SHOT` primer (Badger Stynylrez) - ALCLAD 2 primer & microfiller - Mr.FINISHING SURFACER 1500 Hope you will find it useful. Cheers!
  3. I made a `glue and fill` experiment with `Alclad 2 Grey Primer and Microfiller` and it worked. It welds the join firmly and sands easily. Keep on modeling & take care!
  4. Thanks Dany Boy, they are in 1/48 and 1/32.
  5. Hi fellow modelers, it`s a short video showing some of airplanes used by opposing sides in WWII - Independent State of Croatia and Yugoslav Partisans. Maybe you`ll find it useful. Cheers!
  6. Sorry Jim for such a late reply. I add thin glue to smooth out the panel line. It won`t fill the line, no worries. I finish it with more sanding (1000 grit and finer) after glue dries. Hope the Mustang is coming along well!
  7. Hi folks, In this video I'm showing how to apply decals without a gloss varnish basecoat (for models with fine&shallow panel lines). I used older decal for demonstration purpose, best results are achieved with highest quality decals. I`ve been reading lately about applying decals over a `matt` surface. What`s your opinion about that? Cheers!
  8. Hi fellow modelers, In this video I'm showing how to work with light curing putty. Excellent putty, cures fast & doesn`t shrink. BW
  9. Hi fellow modelers, In this video I'm showing you one method for filling unwanted seams/gaps on a scale model aircraft. BW
  10. Hi fellow modelers, I made a short video about `Black Basing` technique + time saving `DIY` stencil. Cheers!
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